Sample Sunday!

It’s that time of the week to try out some samples and give you guys some feedback! This week I tried a more deluxe sized sample, so I was able to give it a few tries through the week to get some better insight.

The most successful sample verdict I’ve ever had:
Address: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask

Original Price: $51.00

How I got sample: A Sephora employee packed me a deluxe sample to try.
Assess: I went into Sephora a couple of weeks ago with the sole intention of looking for a product for the under-the-skin bumps on my forehead. The sales representative suggested two things: the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, and the Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Sulfur Mask. Due to both it’s hefty price and that I wanted something more on the regular, I opted for the First Aid Beauty pads only, and she told me to test out the mask and see if it helped.

Well, after using the pads for a little over two weeks, I noticed the bumps were finally coming to the surface — aka I had full blown acne. Soooo I figured I’d test out the mask! Putting it on before bed, I used it more as a spot treatment and put it on on the troubled areas.

I could not BELIEVE what a difference it made! The pimples had gone down significantly. So I tried it again the next night…and the next night (last night). They are still there, but almost gone. The great thing is, since I am using it more as a spot treatment the sample she gave me will last me forever!!

Will I purchase I full-size of this sample?
Absolutely. This is the first thing that I have noticed making a dramatic difference for the issue I need — and you need so very little product at a time, it seriously last forever. Next time I am in Sephora, I will own this awesome product!