Burning Desire…for Candles!

Next up for bat would be something I have had an obsession with ever since I moved into my own place. With a mother who doesn’t trust me to not burn the entire place down, now that I am into my own space one might say, my fiery passion has only grown (see what I did there?) Candles!

Candles, upon candles and candles! The amount of amazing scents out there are endless, and with such a popularity there are stores upon stores to get them from. However, sticking my nose in this topic (ha), I would say my favourite place to shop for them would be…………….Bath & Body Works!

You see, there is a checklist for me when it comes to my burning love, and I’d say Bath & Body live up best to my needs.
These needs would be:

  • scent
  • longevity
  • price
  • appearance

Don’t get me wrong, if you are only looking for decorative purposes only then yes, there are much more luxurious lines of candles to aim for. However, I go through candles like I go through milk — and lets just say I am far from lactose intolerant.

Bath & Body Works go through hundreds of candle scents every year, showcasing season appropriate scents throughout the months. Nearly every time I go in the store there are new candles stacked upon rows of rows for your smelling pleasures. Everything from the classics like vanilla or apple harvest, to mouth watering Red Velvet, distinctive scents such as Marshmallow Fireside, and the best of the best for every season, Bath & Body Works will have it at one point in time. You are bound to fall absolutely in love with something, just as much as you are bound to crinkle your nose in disgust with another.

With approximately 25 – 45 hours of burning time for the 3-wick, I myself am a true testament to just how long-lasting these candles are.

My personal favourites? Why, I never thought you’d ask!

My favourite season of scents is Fall or Christmas. One of the best feelings is to get home from a stressful day of work, out of the cold and into your comfy jammies and bundle up in a warm blanket next to your candle filling the air with Vanilla Bean Noel.

But OMG…Fall scents just hit it out of the park for me.

Meet the loves of my life:
How cute is the mason jar!?

Both fall scents….both absolute obsessions.

And my absolute favourite:

I love the golden lid and packaging of this one, and the smell certainly lives up to the name. Its creamy, with a slight hint of caramel, but is most definitely true to the nutmeg part of the title. Yum!

The biggest thing about Bath & Body Works is the never ending promotions + coupons. You are bound to get at least one coupon with purchase — often free. Whether it be a free item with purchase, 30% off or buy one get one free, I advise you to NEVER shop when you have to pay for a candle full price — I guarantee you the next couple of days you’d get it for a deal. If there is a rare time there is no promotion on, you can fill out an online survey with the code from your last receipt, which allows you to receive some sort of special discount/offer in store.