Sample Saturday!

Sooo with shopping more than the average person — comes more than average sample options! Doing some cleaning, I’ve noticed I’ve been tucking away far too many in drawers, but never throwing them out because I want to give them a try.

With that, I introduce Sample Saturday! Each weekend I will test out at least one sample (hopefully more) and do what I do best — address & assess!

For this week I sampled:

-Fossil’s 1954 Perfume
-Her Styler Hair Serum
-Dior Pore Minimizer Primer

Address: Fossil 1954

Regular Price: $60
Received sample from: Boyfriend bought me a Fossil necklace for our anniversary, came with it.

Yummmmm yum yum yum. Is what I have been saying when I put this on! This perfume has notes of rose, ginger, mandarin blossom, heirloom flower petals and white freesia — that gives it a totally unique scent of light yet sexy femininity. It is totally delicious without being either too strong or too sweet.

Would I purchase?
Yes/no. Yes if I led a lifestyle a little wealthier (I actually don’t think $60 is TOO bad for a high end brand perfume) and wore fragrance a lot. Ultimately it is a no because my work is fragrence-free, I would only wear it for highly special occasions — so it just wouldn’t be worth it to me.

Address: Hair Styler Argon Oil Hair Serum
Regular price: $49.95 (Amazon: $14.99)
Received sample from: Kiosk in a mall in Toronto

Assess: I legitimately didn’t think I would like this product as much as I did! Instructed to put it in damp hair for sleek and softness, and dry hair to protect split ends, I can’t stop touching my hair today since it feels so incredibly soft and has such a beautiful shine.

Would I purchase?
There’s a part of me that still holds onto the fact that I will soon discover a great hair serum at a drugstore price, so for $50 I’m gonna hold off on this product. HOWEVER, seeing it for $14.99 on Amazon is extremely tempting and I just may be doing that.

Address: Dior Pore Minimizer Primer
Regular Price: $42.00
Received Sample From: Online order to Sephora

Assess: Funny enough, at the beginning of this week I just automatically assumed I’d love this sample and that it would be the other two that were up in the air. Dior just knows how to do it right. So no shocker, I loooove love love this primer. My skin looks so smooth and beautiful when I wear this, I feel like an elegant porcelain doll. Pores are gone, imperfections smoothed away. Love.

Would I purchase?
Even though I knew I’d fall in love with this guy, I already knew this wouldn’t be something I set my sights on for a full size. It is just too expensive for what it is. Benefit’s Porefessional remains at the top of its game, for a tad cheaper. I can say that I would love to take another 100 samples of this off of Sephoras hands though!


April Sephora Haul — Part 1

Hello everyone! So you may or may not have known, Sephora recently had their Beauty Insiders 15% off sale, and let me tell you, I took full advantage of that! After ordering some items I had my eyes on for months, later the exact same day I saw Bite Beauty’s gorgeous Deconstructed Rose gloss set….ugh. Naturally, when my sister asked me to go on a little roadie to the nearest Sephora today (3 hours away…a blessing and a curse) I obviously HAD to go and eeeek, had another little haul to add to the overload of purchases.

So although this isn’t exactly a review, it is a little preview of what I will be reviewing soon!

Without further a due, I present my little babies:

**please click on the images if you wish to see them larger

Laura Mercier Beauty Insider 500 point perk: SO excited about this set. I planned on saving up my points for a really long time until I found something absolutely worth it, but hitting the 500 mark today and seeing this, I just had to. The set includes:

  • Foundation Primer – Radiance 15.0 ml/0.5 fl. oz. liq.
  • Tinted Moisturizer in Nude 14.7 ml/0.5 fl. oz. liq.
  • Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 01 1.80 g/Net Wt. 0.06 oz.
  • Lip Glace in Rose 2.8 g/Net Wt. 0.1 oz.
  • Face Polish 11.3 g/Net Wt. 0.4 oz

Already owning the primer and tinted moisturizer (and it’s in my shade — score!) and loving them both, I was so excited to get travel size options. I’ve also been wanting to try a powdered highlighter for a while and the Laura Mercier option here has great reviews on Sephora’s website — as does all the other products in here. Super excited to test these babies out and let you guys know what I think!

Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Gloss Set:
$53.00 12 x Net Wt. 0.05 oz/1.40 g

From the moment I set eyes on these puppies I knew it would be true love. I’ve swatched Bite Beauty in store but could not justify spending $30 on a single gloss when I can find some pretty great stuff at the drugstore — until now. 🙂 Yes, $53.00 IS expensive but lets do the math.

                                                        53 ÷ 12 = $4.41

That is actually not far off drugstore glosses, and this is the Queen brand! So far I have only tried one, gloss Two (yeah the names are just numbers….womp womp) and I loved it! More details in the future.

St. Tropez Self Tan Starter Kit:

Becoming more in tuned with skincare concerns this past year, I will be drastically changing up my summer goal from frying myself to get as dark as I can, to wearing sunscreen at all times. However, my love of a tan has not gone away, so with all the amazing reviews out there of this product and for that awesome price point I am excited to put it to the test!

This kit consists of:

  • Tan Enhancing Body Polish 75 ml/2.35 fl. oz.
  • Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer 75 ml/2.53 fl. oz.
  • Self Tan Bronzing Mousse 50 ml/1.69 fl. oz.
  • Tan Applicator Mitt
    I’ll be showing what I bought online in my next post, ’til then, I am going to enjoy my products! Happy Easter everyone!