“August” Favourites!

So I realized I’m pretty late on the whole August favourites type post, so I was originally planning on skipping it…but then I thought, reading everyone else’s favourites are the posts I most look forward to, and it’s my blog so…..heck, why not?!
August was my “this is the last of summer so live it up” month, and my favourites revolved around that.

I tried to wear bright colours (loving on the mint and coral) and show off my tan as much as possible. Heading out of town for a wedding, I got these gorgeous bangle bracelets ON SALE from Aldo Accessories, and I have gotten compliments on them every time I wear them. I am just obsessing over coral, mint and gold right now so any outfits I can wear this with you know that I am!
Aldo Bracelets

Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes Mascara
Next, I picked up the Lash Stash pack last month from Sephora (most amazing deal by the way) and have been using Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes…and am obsessed! I have been asked twice if I am wearing false eyelashes. I love how much volume it is giving my lashes, but not clumpy or spidery like Too Faced’s Better Than Sex can sometimes do. Still in love with my Too Faced mascara, but am loving Tarte’s for work.

Revlon Nail Polish — “Teak Rose”
I’ve mentioned before I am a sucker for Revlon nail polish. I just think it has amazing colour payoff, dries fairly quickly and doesn’t chip, all for a great price. I recently picked up Teak Rose and I am IN LOVE. It is a fairly warmed toned dusty rose, that is an absolutely gorgeous colour without being too dramatic. I have so many outfits that go with this polish and I know it looks delicate and pretty and chic!
Revlon Teak Rose 1

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I actually almost returned this in the first week I got it…if I lived near a Sephora, I would have. I just did not think this was doing anything for me, and after experiencing Laura Mercier’s highlighter, I wasn’t sold — especially with a price tag like this palette has. But I continued to wear it, and it continued to grow on me….and now if I forget to put it on in the morning, I really notice that glow from within look is missing. It just gives the skin an overall beautiful glowy look — thats totally natural looking. My favourite of the palette is by far the middle shade, Incandescent.

Smashbox Eyeliner
With recently picking up Sephora’s Draw the Line eyeliner value set, I figured I should probably use up other liners I have first (I am a liner hoarder, I will admit) so I have only begun to use Smashbox’s black crayon eyeliner…and I love it! Great colour pay off, and I use it on the waterline and it sticks all day. I often veer away from wearing crayon liner at work for fear of panda eyes, but this stuff stays put!


Drugstore Haul!

So I’ve gathered up some stuff that I’ve got over the past couple of weeks to show you guys, most of which I’ve tried and some I have not, but can give you my opinions on what I think of them so far!


Real Techniques Travel Kit

This kit consists of the Multi Task brush, the Domed Shadow brush, and the Foundation brush. Definitely understand why people love this brand’s brushes! These are the first I have tried, and the Multi Task brush has become my favourite brush ever. Will be buying others from this brand!

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner
Will 100% be listed in my favourites for June. My hair feels so smooth and silky, hydrated and healthy, and smells AMAZING after I use this!

Got2b Double Curling Power Curling Mousse

Haven’t tried this yet, but in the summer I absolutely love beachy curls that are effortless. The last thing I want to do on a hot day is sweat underneath a blow dryer for 500 hours (okay, a tad exaggeration but that’s what it feels like, am I right?) so I am super excited to get out of the shower, run this product through my hair, scrunch and go! I’ll let you know how this stuff holds soon enough.

NYX Pore Filler

You can get a hold of this stuff at Target, a little pricier for drug store ($11.99 when I got it) but I really do believe it is an amazing dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional, which we all know is amazing. It minimizes the look of pores and feels so smooth, the porcelain doll-like finish they claim is not far off at all from how I feel!

Revlon Manicure Essentials

I haven’t opened this yet, but a friend got it for me for my birthday so I am super excited to try! The kit consists of:
-Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer
-Nail Clip with curved blade
-Compact Emeryl File
-Carrying case

She also got me a few other filers and a whole load of amazing nail polishes….I have amazing friends! 🙂

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

LOVE this concealer.

Nail Polishes

So as mentioned above, my awesome friend got me tonnes of great nail polishes for my birthday, so I decided to show my favourites and then the ones that I liked the least.

My absolute favourite of the bunch goes to Essie Go Ginza, a beautiful pale purple. The other favourites were Essie Romper Room (a baby pink), Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear Mint Sorbet (title describes it perfectly), and Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue (a wonderful baby blue).

Ironically, the reason why she got me a bunch of nail polish was because I was also complimenting her manicure, which was often sporting the next two colours brand of SinfulColours. While I love the shade Easy Going that is shown above, I find it takes a super long time to dry and is a little bit runny. The next shade of Cinderella is quite glittery, when I often opt for a one tone colour.



Polishing off my Favourites

What better to look at while typing away than pretty finger nails?

Nothing, is the answer. I use to have the problem where I was so lazy I wouldn’t change up the polish until it chipped to the last bit of colour, and now I often can barely wait two days until I change it up! Lively Lilac? Vixen red? Pure Pearl? The options are endless and I absolutely love that nail colour can add the perfect accent to finish off an outfit, or tell the world just what kind of mood you are in.

So with my many, MANY polishes, I am here to point a Plum Seduction painted finger at the polish I think is the ultimate best! The challenger will be put to the test in the following categories:

  • chipping
  • colour payoff
  • variety
  • application/drying time
  • packaging
  • price

So who is up for the task?

ADDRESS: Revlon Nail Enamel Polish
$3.00 – $5.99 14.7mL
Maybe some of you are side-eyeing me right now. “Uhhh, hellOOooo? Essie? OPI? Deborah Lippmann?” Lest we forget the last point on my list $$$. While some may debate Lippmann is $20 for a reason, I could never ever justify spending that much on one itsy bitsy bottle of colour for my nails.

ASSESS: Revlon is the perfect blend of reasonably priced, endless variety and great colour payoff that any girl could find a colour to fall in love with. At only $3.00 – $5.99 per bottle, I truly can say I feel like I am getting the same length in wear as OPI or Essie, both averaging $8 – $10 per bottle. When I can resist biting or changing it up on my own, these polishes have lasted me upwards a week before chipping. It’s formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free formula is not streaky or runny, and goes on smoothly with its perfect sized brush. I can be done with my base, first, second, and top coat and dry within 15 minutes. Not exactly Sally Hansen Insta-Dri  or L’Oreal speedy, but still faster than some of its competitors.

A massive brand, Revlon can be found in basically any drugstore or grocery store, with an endless of possibilities to choose from. While I am more of a bold colour girl, a bestie of mine tends to be drawn more towards nudes and pale colours, yet both of us can time after time find a colour we absolutely adore.

It’s packaging is simple yet sleek, and I appreciate the brush size, making it easy to apply (looking at you Insta-dri, with your over sized brush. Seriously, what is that?)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osyx1Z1ZZlE (I just find this video pretty sexy. ha.)

Some of my favzies include:
Valentine — a bold red.

Fuchsia Fever — a flirty fun pink for summer. Looks so good with a tan!

Fashionista — a deep teal that stands out from the crowd but in a sophisticated way.

Plum Seduction — sooooo pretty.

So there you have it! My go-to polish. I’d also like to give a nod to some close competitors who just didn’t quite reach Revlon standards:
2nd place: L’Oreal
3rd place OPI

Job well done polishes, you sure make my hands and feet proud (and pretty).