Sample Saturday!

Sooo with shopping more than the average person — comes more than average sample options! Doing some cleaning, I’ve noticed I’ve been tucking away far too many in drawers, but never throwing them out because I want to give them a try.

With that, I introduce Sample Saturday! Each weekend I will test out at least one sample (hopefully more) and do what I do best — address & assess!

For this week I sampled:

-Fossil’s 1954 Perfume
-Her Styler Hair Serum
-Dior Pore Minimizer Primer

Address: Fossil 1954

Regular Price: $60
Received sample from: Boyfriend bought me a Fossil necklace for our anniversary, came with it.

Yummmmm yum yum yum. Is what I have been saying when I put this on! This perfume has notes of rose, ginger, mandarin blossom, heirloom flower petals and white freesia — that gives it a totally unique scent of light yet sexy femininity. It is totally delicious without being either too strong or too sweet.

Would I purchase?
Yes/no. Yes if I led a lifestyle a little wealthier (I actually don’t think $60 is TOO bad for a high end brand perfume) and wore fragrance a lot. Ultimately it is a no because my work is fragrence-free, I would only wear it for highly special occasions — so it just wouldn’t be worth it to me.

Address: Hair Styler Argon Oil Hair Serum
Regular price: $49.95 (Amazon: $14.99)
Received sample from: Kiosk in a mall in Toronto

Assess: I legitimately didn’t think I would like this product as much as I did! Instructed to put it in damp hair for sleek and softness, and dry hair to protect split ends, I can’t stop touching my hair today since it feels so incredibly soft and has such a beautiful shine.

Would I purchase?
There’s a part of me that still holds onto the fact that I will soon discover a great hair serum at a drugstore price, so for $50 I’m gonna hold off on this product. HOWEVER, seeing it for $14.99 on Amazon is extremely tempting and I just may be doing that.

Address: Dior Pore Minimizer Primer
Regular Price: $42.00
Received Sample From: Online order to Sephora

Assess: Funny enough, at the beginning of this week I just automatically assumed I’d love this sample and that it would be the other two that were up in the air. Dior just knows how to do it right. So no shocker, I loooove love love this primer. My skin looks so smooth and beautiful when I wear this, I feel like an elegant porcelain doll. Pores are gone, imperfections smoothed away. Love.

Would I purchase?
Even though I knew I’d fall in love with this guy, I already knew this wouldn’t be something I set my sights on for a full size. It is just too expensive for what it is. Benefit’s Porefessional remains at the top of its game, for a tad cheaper. I can say that I would love to take another 100 samples of this off of Sephoras hands though!


June Favourites!

July is here/happy Canada Day!! Time to celebrate a great country by wearing our colours and drinking our national drink — a beer. But first,  a look back on the month of June and some of the products who really stood out as favs for me!
Revlon Colorstay Concealer 

Blends like a dream and perfectly hides those dark circles underneath the eyes. Does exactly what it sets out to do — conceals what I want, and looks 100% natural. Wore this pretty much every single day since I got it!

Origins Mask
My skin has been getting pretty bad lately now that I am off birth control — so this Charcoal Mask has been an absolute life saver. I notice such a difference immediately after use, I know it is really getting the dirt from beneath my skin and helping my stupid blemishes and blackheads disappear!


Coconut Milk Conditioner
Got this near the beginning of the month, and I am officially obsessed. I love trying out new conditioner so it is rare that I repeat — I am for sure repeat buying this. My hair feels so hydrated and healthy — and not to mention smells amazing — after I use this.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil
In the past couple of weeks I’ve re-found love in really taking my time and doing a full face of makeup a lot of the time, so the MAC Cleanse Off Oil just makes my life so easy. I love how it literally makes EVERYTHING come off within two seconds of rubbing it in, and that it turns into lather once you wash it off. Love!

B2B Mousse
I used this when going camping, jump out of the lake and simply scrunch this through your hair and — bam! Voluminous curls and no frizz! And frizz is a huge problem for me. Definitely my go-to mousse from now on!

Bite Beauty #6 Gloss
After getting Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose set, I am venturing between a variety of glosses for different occasions, however #6 cannot go unnoticed, seeming to have found a permanent pocket position in my purse. Smelling sweet and looking great, #6 is a tad darker pink than my natural lip colour, which is perfect  for the natural makeup look I often sport.


Essie Go Gingza
Receiving this for my birthday at the beginning of the month, I’ve pretty much had this colour on either my toes or fingers the whole time since. A light purple, this colour is so flattering and pretty with a tan, and of course Essie polishes always go on smoothly and have great lasting power.


April Favourites!

With May approaching, I figured it was time to take a look back on the things I loved most over this past month!

Laura Mercier Highlighter
Got this not even a couple of weeks ago as a part of a 500 point perk Beauty Insider gift from Sephora. Worn it pretty much every day since. This highlighter has inspired me to go with a more natural look lately,  because with its warm golden shimmery glow, add a touch of bronzer, and thats all I need.  It’s pigmented, it glides on so smoothly, and it somehow in no way is sparkly/frosty. It will be perfect for the approaching summer. I am in love!

Rainforest Sugarcane Candle
It’s funny, other than my boyfriend and I, any friends I’ve had over have not liked this candle! lol But I personally love it…in fact I no longer even have it cause it is already completely gone. It’s hard to describe this scent. Definitely a light tropical smell. It’s description is that it is a mix of vanilla orchid, fresh lime, and raw sugarcane. Definitely don’t smell the vanilla, but I suppose that may be what adds to the lightness of it. Have any of you smelled this candle? Do you like it?

L’Oreal Paris Carbon Black Intense Liquid Eyeliner
Picked this up at the beginning of the month, have been using it since. It lives up to it’s name as an intense black, goes on smoothly and stays all day. The brush is super thin, making it easy to create a precise line or bold stroke.

Lanza Shampoo/Conditioner
Omg I am in love!! If you take anything from this post, please take this brand. I have the most difficult frizzy hair, and this stuff works better than ANYTHING I have ever tried. I have such a hard time not touching it because it is so incredibly soft and healthy looking. Yes, it is on the expensive side of things ($20.00), I fortunately got it on sale for $14, but even at full price I think this shampoo and conditioner are completely worth it.

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser
I discovered this facial cleanser this winter and it really does make a world of difference for dry skin. The reason for rediscovering my love for it this month was that I ran out, and since I wasn’t around a Sephora decided to try another brand. I guess my face had been so silky smooth for so long, that it was like seeing an unfriendly face after long periods of time — you just want to turn right back the other way! Picked it up again, using it daily, loving it big time all over again.

Bite Beauty, Deconstructed Rose “Two” Lipgloss
Recently purchased Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Lipgloss set (which I will be doing a review on very soon!) and have to say I am loving one particular lipgloss from the set, “Two” (yes their names are just numbers, lame.) Haven’t had too many fancy places to go this month, and from day-to-day I like a natural look. “Two” provides a very natural sheer pink that provides a touch of colour and a nice shine. Going to the movies, grocery shopping or out to dinner, I have been loving this gloss.