UPDATE: First Aid Beauty’s Natural Radiance

ADDRESS: First Aid Beauty’s Natural Radiance
Recently made a visit to a Sephora, where I was recommended First Aid Beauty’s Natural Radiance Pads for every day use. Ever since I stopped using birth control I cannot seem to get rid of the under the skin bumps on my forehead and they drive me insane! I was told that these pads reach 6 layers down, and if anything has a chance at getting them, its this.

ASSESS: Having dry/sensitive skin basically all my life I was worried about the lactic and glycolic acids as well as the use of lemon being harsh for my skin, but was told this is actually made for those with sensitivity and having used over two weeks worth of pads, I can see that is the case.  I use this every night in replacement of a toner and have no irritation, and it doesn’t dry me out.

While I do think the bumps have decreased….they are still there. I work in a setting that has harsh lighting so I can really see it at work more so than at home. As mentioned, I am only halfway through the pack so we will see if they further decrease in two weeks.

I love how gentle the pads are, and after wiping down my entire face they are still completely damp and have a lot of product left. They really do get any leftover makeup, leaving my face feeling really clean without being stripped.

What I am most impressed with so far is really the “radiance” of my skin. I really feel my skin looks more vibrant after using this.

So verdict halfway through: enjoying the product for reasons I didn’t expect (brighter, clearer skin) but still holding onto hope it will help with what I got it for in the first place (under the skin bumps on forehead).


Sephora Visit

While my trip to Toronto was mainly for apartment viewings for my boyfriend, I was able to talk him into allowing me to visit my favourite store Sephora (and a few…okay, a lot of others! haha)

Sephora was a quick visit since I really do have more than enough makeup for the time being. I have a backup, a second backup, and often a third backup of everything I possibly need right now.

So I went into the store with a problem I needed help with….ever since I went off of birth control about six months ago, I have had under the skin bumps on my forehead. Ugh. They aren’t acne….no, because acne you can fix. They never fully come to, and I’ve found it impossible to do anything about!
Discussing my problem with a Sephora skin specialist, she recommended First Aid Beauty’s Natural Radiance Pads to be used in replace of a toner. While at first I was worried since I have sensitive skin and the lactic and glycolic acids along with the use of lemon peel sounded harsh for my skin, she let me know this product is actually designed to be safe for those with sensitivity. She let me know it is suppose to reach 6 layers down, and if anything could reach those bumps its this.

Soooooo I purchased the smaller package and have decided to give’r a try! Any of you tried this product? Has it worked for you? I’ll be putting it to the test and once I am done the 28 pads I’ll write a review!