Holy Grail Hump Day — Revlon Colorstay Concealer

For me, a Holy Grail status is a hard one to achieve. I don’t take that title lightly. A Holy Grail product isn’t something I just like, it’s a product I know I can depend on time after time. That I will continue to repurchase because it exceeds expectations and gets the job done every single time.
Therefore, it’s pretty shocking for me that after less than a month, the Revlon Colorstay concealer has already achieved Holy Grail status for me! I got this product completely on a whim, my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is going quicker than I want and was hoping to find something for a cheaper price that could do the trick.

(03 Light Medium blended)

Well this does the trick alright. Super blendable, this product comes on creamy and blends in effortlessly. I personally love these tub and stick applicators, it makes it easy to get the product in the exact areas you desire. 03 Light Medium is the perfect shade for me.

Coverage is great, it is buildable, so depending on the coverage you want you can get. However, I feel it comes on pretty thick anyway…a little goes a long way. I use this for the under eye dark bags and it hides them perfectly, with no cakey look whatsoever. It isn’t a highlighter in any way, but a straight up concealer. It does the exact job it has set out to do, and I couldn’t ask for anything more!


Miffed Monday — Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

It’s that time of the week again! The time to discuss a product in which I tried with excitement — and left me truly miffed with it’s results. This weeks culprit goes to the one and only Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black. 
Thankfully, I got this liner in part of a value set from Sephora, otherwise I’d be pretty peeved I travelled all the way home with no option of returning this awful excuse of a “precision, accentuating black liquid eyeliner.” I feel duped. After getting the Draw the Line value set, Eyeko was one of the most anticipated items, using it first from the set. 

You see, a brand dedicated to liners and mascaras led me to believe I was about to experience something marvellous — and instead it was something quite the opposite. Upon my VERY FIRST try of this liner, I didn’t even finish the second eye before it was completely dried out. That’s it. Trying now, I get the faint leftovers of what was supposedly once there. Thinking I just picked out the unlucky lottery ticket, I checked reviews online — only to find out I am not alone! 

“Two liners dried out within the first week of purchase.”

“I was really disappointed. […] As others have noted, the formula is dry and the pen tip is uncomfortable. What’s worse, it is impossible to put this eyeliner on over eyeshadow.”

“While testing the mini Skinny, I noticed (like everyone else) how quickly it dries out… so quickly that it’s almost impossible to line both eyes properly before you have to give up and try again tomorrow.”

 “Didnt even get the chance to use this product because when I finally opened the box it was already dried out!”

“Dried out soon after I used it, like 2 days after! Not worth the money at all.”

…And all these comments are from the very first page of the Sephora comments. How can such a seemingly respected eyeliner brand have such a basic formula problem? I see many comments also stating to try to run it under water and it works much better, so I will be trying that….but for $20.00 a pop, you shouldn’t have to be doing stuff like that from the very first try. I’ll stick with my Stila!

Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Library Set Review — Post #4

Next up for review in the Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose set are glosses Three, Five and Eight.
This is the last three to review from the set! If you’d like to check out my thoughts on the other 9 glosses they can be found in these posts:
Glosses Two, Nine and Eleven Review
Glosses Four, Seven and Ten Review
Glosses One Six and Twelve Review

Gloss Three
I was a bit hesitant to try this gloss at first, since it is not exactly a colour I normally veer towards, but I have found myself enjoying this. However, I’ll admit I enjoy it because it comes on rather translucent….so if you are in this for the actual shade — which Bite Beauty describes as a pale peach — don’t get your hopes up. Which is rather surprising since the rest of the set has been pretty great for colour payoff.
Gloss Five
My favourite gloss from the set! The most flattering shade on my olive (now quite tanned since I’ve been to Cuba) skin tone. Described as the light mauve shade, this gloss gives the perfect amount of shine and colour  that wears for hours and leaves my lips feeling soft and sexy. It adds that subtle hint of colour, adding a pinkness without being overbearing. I am obsessed with this shade!

Gloss Eight
IMG_4838 IMG_4837

Gloss Eight has great staying power and along with the majority of the set, awesome colour payoff. A bright red, this gloss is so similar to shades Nine and Ten, it is near impossible to tell the difference. Therefore, as great as this can be for a night on the town when you really want a standout gloss, I would have preferred a different shade for more veracity.

An overall review of this set will be up soon!

Hump Day Holy Grail: Anastasia Go Brow Kit

This week’s hump day holy grail goes to none other than the marvellous Anastasia Beverly Hills Go Brow Kit! Consisting of a mini brow pencil (0.013), mini tweezers, and a mini clear brow gel (0.085 oz.) this miniature kit is perfect for travel and for testing these babies out before splurging on the real deal. 

I say splurging because yes, I do see spending $27.00 on the full sized brow pencil as pricey, but after using this kit I actually think its justified. Anastasia Beverly Hills really is at the top of the game where brows are concerned. Before six months ago, I never even touched my brows. We all know “that girl” who way over does her brows, giving her a permanent crazy expression. You can’t help but stare. I always thought if I even dare tried, I’d look like her and….no thanks! 

But the brow pencil from Anastasia Beverley Hills goes on so natural, they make my brows look fuller and sculpted to perfection. 

The brow gel is also something I will definitely be repurchasing, and I’d say I find this sizing better than the pencil in this kit. I have long, thin brows, so I am constantly having the issue of them getting out of place. With this gel, I know they are stuck like glue to where I want, but with no crusty look. 

The amount of compliments I have gotten since using this kit has not gone unnoticed, and for $21.00 for the entire kit it is definitely a repurchase! 

Unexpected Items We Were Grateful for On Our Trip!

Now that I’ve allowed the world to see my forgetfulness — how about I do a post about how brilliant I am (ha) and what I remembered for the trip that I was thankful for!

1) Our own snorkelling gear.
Trips are different for everyone, but my boyfriend and I discovered a love for snorkelling. We did a snorkelling excursion taking a catamaran boat cruise all day to two coral reefs (us getting ready pictured above) as well as snorkelled every day in the ocean at the resort. We were obsessed at discovering interesting water life.

Now that I’ve plugged snorkelling, I was extra grateful for bringing our own snorkelling gear. I’m confident that both our excursion and the resort take the appropriate sanitary procedures needed, it felt nice knowing hundreds of other strangers mouths hadn’t been on the same mouth piece I’d be breathing into for hours at a time. I also didn’t have to adjust my goggles every time, or head down to the equipment centre every time I wanted a pair.

2) Salt
People aren’t lying when they say they think the food is bland in Cuba — is it as awful as some people made it out to be? Absolutely not. You’ve got your standard stuff, it just doesn’t have all that much flavour! They also most of the time had salt shakers near so we didn’t even need our own, but the buffet never seemed to, and the snack bar had them only at certain tables, so we were grateful that we’d be able to use our own whenever needed.

3) Travel Mug
Staying at all inclusive means unlimited drinks (woohoo!) which means sipping on that pina colada all day every day can be a dream easily made come true. However, the beaches are long, which can make them a long ways away from the nearest bar. The plastic cups the resort provides are so tiny, some people may be done their drink by the time they reach their beach chair again! A large travel mug meant I got a hefty amount each time, and could sip on my wonderful drink for a long time before needing another.

4) Tennis Rackets
We had three tennis courts at our disposal, it was awesome. Once again, the resort did provide equipment…however, as much as I loved the resort, information was sparse. Not that we needed to look for it, but we saw no information about where people could pick up the rackets, and when. I remember another couple coming to the court telling us they couldn’t find them anywhere desperate to know where we got ours. With our rooms almost directly next to the courts, it was so nice to be able to just get up and go whenever we wanted to.

5) Hair Mousse
So I had brought my straightener, my curling wand, some hairspray, etc….picturing myself getting all dolled up every night! Yeeeah right. Even though vacation means you are basically relaxed all day long anyway, I continue my laziness into the night and not into spending an hour on my hair. It was so hot, I didn’t even want to touch the hair dryer. Therefore, being about to just run some mousse through my hair and crunch it into some curls was a God send. Two minutes later, and I am done and sportin’ a cute due all the same!

Lesson Learned: Bring These on Your Trip!

First off, I’d like to say I apologize for neglecting my blog as of late — but I have been on a trip to Cuba!! In short, I will just say I had an amazing time and loved every second of it.

Since I’ve still got the travel bug in me, I decided to write about travelling and discuss what could be useful to others — things that I had forgotten in the packing stage that we regretted right away. So let’s begin!

1) Aloe Vera Gel. 
My boyfriend and I were super careful about the sun, and even then we still got a few burns. With nothing to soothe them, even though they were far from the worst I’ve had, without anything to help the process we really felt them, which lead to us scaring away even more from the sun.

2) Sunscreen.  A lot.
Maybe this was just because both my boyfriend and I have learned our lesson from previous trips where we were burnt to a crisp….but with two whole bottles for a week, we just had enough! And by just enough, I mean the last couple of days we had to use them sparingly. I’ve realized its better to pack more than less, and if you have extra well it will certainly go to future use!

3) LUSH Dream Cream (or any good moisturizer) 
I know. I know. What kind of dummy forgets? Especially one who has eczema. But usually my eczema acts up in the winter time and is fine in the summer, so I thought in Cuba of all places it would be fine….nope. I’m assuming it was the ocean water, my eczema acted up worse than ever! Luckily I still remembered my facial moisturizer, and had brought a dinky little cheap brand, but the more my skin cracked the more I realized just how important a quality moisturizer is.

4) Comfy, not new, high heels.
Backstory: So I had a brown pair of heels for a few years that I was absolutely obsessed with…comfortable, stylish, went with a variety of outfits…so I was heartbroken when they broke. Sure, I had a few other pairs that I almost love just as much, but I wanted to find a pair that looked as close to those previous babies as possible.


Stupid idea. I wore them briefly around the house the DAY BEFORE my trip, and decided to bring them as my every night heel. Well, the very first night my boyfriend and I decide sitting on the deck at the beach watching the sunset would be romantic. Not so romantic when we accidentally take the long way and I quickly realized these shoes weren’t made for walkin’. A couple of hours into the first night my feet were already throbbing, and other than one more night of knowing I would be mostly sitting, I tucked them away for the rest of the trip. Lesson learned: bring shoes you know are comfortable, you never know what you’ll be up to!

5) A (Cheap) Watch
It could have been the specific resort we were staying at, but absolutely no where had a friggen clock! Not the buffet, the snack bar, the bars, the restaurants, the store, the front lobby, heck, not even our resort room had a clock. We were constantly turning to each other saying do you have any idea what time it is? Sure, we brought our phones and iPods, but those were tucked away in our locked safety box. No way were leaving those unattended at the beach when we would snorkelling for long periods of time. So next time I will go out and buy a $10 dinky little time teller, so if there are any places to be (excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment shows etc.) we won’t have to worry about missing it.

Choose-Day Tuesday: Gillette vs. Skintimate

Today’s battle is between two worthy competitors of the smooth and silky world — sensitive skin shaving cream. Enabling the sharpest blades to do their job right, the two will battle it out right here and determine who is the best of all!

In the left corner we have the competitor who leaves no man (hair) behind, and gets the job done! It’s….

Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Dry Shave Cream


I was drawn to this product after years of using Gillette because it is specifically made for people with dryness – which is the definition of my skin. I personally prefer soft, smooth legs every single day (seriously cannot go without shaving), so if I can moisturize in the process I see that as nothing but a plus!

In a squirt bottle rather than the aerosol that I am use to, after halfway of using the product it becomes rather difficult to squeeze out the remaining product. Nevertheless, the product itself is pretty good. Coming out as a light creamy opaque pink, it already feels more like a moisturizing cream as opposed to a shaving cream. You need quite a bit of it for each use to apply it evenly.

I haven’t cut myself at all, and have never felt razor burn with it.

My legs do feel moisturized afterwards, nothing too dramatic but still up from other brands. My biggest fault is I feel there is a bit of residue left on my skin, you can’t see it but I need to really scrub to get rid of that filminess.

In the right corner we have the competitor who gets those blades to finish the job, leaving not a trace of evidence behind, it’s…….

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin


I have been using various Gillette Satin Care shaving creams for years. I can already say right off the bat, best smelling shaving creams ever. My absolute favourite is Melon Splash, my go-to summer shaving cream.

That being said, I am going to focus on the sensitive skin shaving cream they offer to be a fair match up. Aerosol can, and gel to foam substance like their other products, this shaving cream is unscented. I don’t cut myself with this shaving cream and definitely never feel razor burn. I do notice a different in the areas that are more prone to cut, I trust this product to keep me out of harms way.

The shave leaves my legs feeling super smooth and silky! It lessens the irritation caused to skin, however I do not see it adding any moisture.

Both shaving creams are pretty awesome and will most likely continue to buy both, however the winner for me is my Gillette Satin Care. I feel like I need to use so much more product every time with the Skintimate in order to provide a thick enough layer to be confident I will not nick myself. They both leave my legs feeling super smooth, and while the Skinimate leaves them feeling a little more moisturized, they also leave a filmy residue I am not a fan of. Therefore, Gillette Satin Care is the winner!