Creativity With Cooking Creme!

Hi, my name is Heather and I am a foodie.

I absolutely love food. It comforts me after a rough day, it is my go-to when I am sad, it provides me with the energy I need to take on whatever the world brings. It fills me up with both joy and calories. I get it….healthy eating is key, but that does not mean I can’t drown myself in some treats every now and then right?….right?!

Of course, I try to eat well on a regular basis…but you only live once right? Yep, I am using that excuse.

The next item to address is both relatively healthy and a treat: Philly Cooking Creme

Only buying one container of 283g, I was able to cook two separate meals for two people, as well as have quite a bit leftover for a snack with veggies.

This creme makes cooking learners like me ENJOY spending that time in the kitchen. The fact that it has so many purposes (chicken, stir frys, pasta etc.), complimenting so many different types of meals means I will probably be buying one of the many flavours more often than not. Just cook the food, and pour this deliciousness on top and it takes the meal to a whole other level — I love it!

I first made two salmon fillets with the sauce — add some diced cucumbers, garlic, salt and voila! Both my boyfriend and I left not a crumb on the plate.

A couple of nights later, I decided to make pasta with it —mmhmm! So simple, yet so delicious.

Then, having a snack of veggies and wanting a little more pizzaz than ranch for a dip, I decided heck, why not? SO GOOD. With being on sale for the second week in a row at $1.50 per container, I decided to get two more!

Moving on your own means it takes a while to acquire all the little things that goes into different meals and sauces. There is nothing more frustrating than beginning to try out a new recipe, only to see you are missing one key ingredient. And if its an ingredient that may be a staple in that recipe, but not really one you see yourself using any other time, chances are you are simply going to pass. The Philadelphia Cooking Cremes are convenient, delicious and well worth their price point.