Growing up I always had a passion for running and competition. The two went together like peanutbutter and jelly. Every single run I thought of my next race, my next best time. Competition drove me to (literally) chase after my goals, dig deeper in order to be the best me I could be.

After high school, the college I went to unfortunately did not have a running team, and by the time I went to university, sadly my motivation had decreased to nearly nothing. You see, I have a hard time digging deep when there is no goal to drive towards. With no dangling carrot, I lost my way. I get it, you are suppose to run for your health, and I do, but my 16 year old self could definitely do laps around my current self any day.

That is why when I finally got an iPhone one of the first things I did was test out the Nike+ App.

ADDRESS: Nike + App

ASSESS: Nike+ is an app for your phone or ipod that allows someone to track their running/walking progress by distance, speed, time and calories. With the built in GPS, it can map out your route and if you so choose, provide audio feedback on your stats and to cheer you on. There are even famous athletes and artists that congratulate you on your victory once the workout is over, and provide motivation in those last few minutes before you reach your goal.

Once the run is completed, it stores it in its log history. There, you can see past results and set goals for your next run to try and beat your last time — that competitiveness I’ve been longing for.

I absolutely love this app, because my results are staring me right in the face, egging me on to beat yesterday. It also has an online profile and the ability to share your results with Facebook and Twitter, providing further encouragement to continue to do better (you can also change the settings of what will be said on these social medias, I personally preferred people to know the distance I ran, yet took out the time I took to run, speed, route and calories burned).

With each milestone, the Nike+ App provides you with a small trophy. I love this because once again, a win is what I always strived for, and with each run I feel like I am back in that mindset.  Some of these trophies include 3 weeks in a Row, 3 Months in a Row, 6 Months in a Row, etc., distance milestones, 3x running in a week, and 10k NikeFuel Milestones.
20130519-194520(This is not me by the way, just some lovely girl I found on Google!)

Your main profile shows which level you are at (as you increase in distance, you reach different levels…for instance, once I hit 250km I left from the blue level to green. It essentially means nothing, but somehow the colour change makes you feel accomplished in achieving something anyhow.)
It also shows the adverage distance you run and at what pace. Beneath is a list of all your biggest accomplishments, your farthest run, longest, fastest 1k, fastest 5k, etc. I love this page specifically because I can pick and choose what on that list I want to work and and try to beat. All my goals are laid out right there in front of me.

I am currently about to start a new part of the app called Nike + Coach. Training for a 10km in July, a while back I had set when the race is in my app calendar. After filling in my race goal, and the date it was taking place, it has basically been out of sight, out of mind until today when I was notified my program is going to start soon. An 8 week program, my first week looks like so:
IMG_4507 Aiming for a 45 min 10km…fingers crossed!

Nike+ has become one of my favourite apps, of all time. There is so much to it, and its free. It’s kicking my butt into shape, and providing me with the incentive I need to get my butt in gear. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to keep at it, I strongly recommend getting the Nike+ app!