Sample Saturday!

Sooo with shopping more than the average person — comes more than average sample options! Doing some cleaning, I’ve noticed I’ve been tucking away far too many in drawers, but never throwing them out because I want to give them a try.

With that, I introduce Sample Saturday! Each weekend I will test out at least one sample (hopefully more) and do what I do best — address & assess!

For this week I sampled:

-Fossil’s 1954 Perfume
-Her Styler Hair Serum
-Dior Pore Minimizer Primer

Address: Fossil 1954

Regular Price: $60
Received sample from: Boyfriend bought me a Fossil necklace for our anniversary, came with it.

Yummmmm yum yum yum. Is what I have been saying when I put this on! This perfume has notes of rose, ginger, mandarin blossom, heirloom flower petals and white freesia — that gives it a totally unique scent of light yet sexy femininity. It is totally delicious without being either too strong or too sweet.

Would I purchase?
Yes/no. Yes if I led a lifestyle a little wealthier (I actually don’t think $60 is TOO bad for a high end brand perfume) and wore fragrance a lot. Ultimately it is a no because my work is fragrence-free, I would only wear it for highly special occasions — so it just wouldn’t be worth it to me.

Address: Hair Styler Argon Oil Hair Serum
Regular price: $49.95 (Amazon: $14.99)
Received sample from: Kiosk in a mall in Toronto

Assess: I legitimately didn’t think I would like this product as much as I did! Instructed to put it in damp hair for sleek and softness, and dry hair to protect split ends, I can’t stop touching my hair today since it feels so incredibly soft and has such a beautiful shine.

Would I purchase?
There’s a part of me that still holds onto the fact that I will soon discover a great hair serum at a drugstore price, so for $50 I’m gonna hold off on this product. HOWEVER, seeing it for $14.99 on Amazon is extremely tempting and I just may be doing that.

Address: Dior Pore Minimizer Primer
Regular Price: $42.00
Received Sample From: Online order to Sephora

Assess: Funny enough, at the beginning of this week I just automatically assumed I’d love this sample and that it would be the other two that were up in the air. Dior just knows how to do it right. So no shocker, I loooove love love this primer. My skin looks so smooth and beautiful when I wear this, I feel like an elegant porcelain doll. Pores are gone, imperfections smoothed away. Love.

Would I purchase?
Even though I knew I’d fall in love with this guy, I already knew this wouldn’t be something I set my sights on for a full size. It is just too expensive for what it is. Benefit’s Porefessional remains at the top of its game, for a tad cheaper. I can say that I would love to take another 100 samples of this off of Sephoras hands though!


“August” Favourites!

So I realized I’m pretty late on the whole August favourites type post, so I was originally planning on skipping it…but then I thought, reading everyone else’s favourites are the posts I most look forward to, and it’s my blog so…..heck, why not?!
August was my “this is the last of summer so live it up” month, and my favourites revolved around that.

I tried to wear bright colours (loving on the mint and coral) and show off my tan as much as possible. Heading out of town for a wedding, I got these gorgeous bangle bracelets ON SALE from Aldo Accessories, and I have gotten compliments on them every time I wear them. I am just obsessing over coral, mint and gold right now so any outfits I can wear this with you know that I am!
Aldo Bracelets

Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes Mascara
Next, I picked up the Lash Stash pack last month from Sephora (most amazing deal by the way) and have been using Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes…and am obsessed! I have been asked twice if I am wearing false eyelashes. I love how much volume it is giving my lashes, but not clumpy or spidery like Too Faced’s Better Than Sex can sometimes do. Still in love with my Too Faced mascara, but am loving Tarte’s for work.

Revlon Nail Polish — “Teak Rose”
I’ve mentioned before I am a sucker for Revlon nail polish. I just think it has amazing colour payoff, dries fairly quickly and doesn’t chip, all for a great price. I recently picked up Teak Rose and I am IN LOVE. It is a fairly warmed toned dusty rose, that is an absolutely gorgeous colour without being too dramatic. I have so many outfits that go with this polish and I know it looks delicate and pretty and chic!
Revlon Teak Rose 1

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I actually almost returned this in the first week I got it…if I lived near a Sephora, I would have. I just did not think this was doing anything for me, and after experiencing Laura Mercier’s highlighter, I wasn’t sold — especially with a price tag like this palette has. But I continued to wear it, and it continued to grow on me….and now if I forget to put it on in the morning, I really notice that glow from within look is missing. It just gives the skin an overall beautiful glowy look — thats totally natural looking. My favourite of the palette is by far the middle shade, Incandescent.

Smashbox Eyeliner
With recently picking up Sephora’s Draw the Line eyeliner value set, I figured I should probably use up other liners I have first (I am a liner hoarder, I will admit) so I have only begun to use Smashbox’s black crayon eyeliner…and I love it! Great colour pay off, and I use it on the waterline and it sticks all day. I often veer away from wearing crayon liner at work for fear of panda eyes, but this stuff stays put!

Every Day Office Makeup

When looking at your whole beautiful makeup collection, sometimes it can be really hard to pin point what your everyday makeup is.

You may factor in that every now and then you wear this primer…..

….orrrrr for days you’re a little more glammed up, you’ll wear this lipstick….

…and you know, you do rotate what eyeliner your using sometimes…

But now that I start work at 7:30 a.m. and bring my travel bag of makeup and quickly put it on right at my desk more often than I’d like to admit, I’ve stripped down to what products I absolutely need on the regular that make me feel confident and ready to face the day!

Shocker #1 — no tinted moisturizer. A staple for me on nights out, but I like to let my skin breathe — at least for the summer while I have a natural tan going on, it takes less time in the morning.

I start with (most mornings) Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer, or if I’m up for contouring, benefit Hoola bronzer. I use my real techniques multi-task brush for this.


I follow that up with my beautiful, Nars Amour.

I then put on the Revlon Colorstay concealer to cover those purple bags. Definitely needed for that 6:30a.m. wakeup.
Next, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, followed by my Body Shop brow gel.
Then I follow with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette for highlight, used with my Body Shop slanted Kabuki brush.
Onto the eyes, I use Urban Decay’s Naked palette, shades W.O.S. and Naked 2 OR Lancome’s Positive Matte for the base. If I have time in the mornings, I opt for the Naked 3 palette, but it usually comes down to Naked Basics right at my desk! haha
I then line the eyes with either my L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Carbon Black liquid eyeliner or if I am going for a smaller cat eye, my Stila black liquid liner.
Shocker #2 — Not usually sporting pencil eyeliner at work. As much as I love my Urban Decay Perversion, I just don’t want to have to worry about raccoon eyes that I usually have by the end of the day!

Last of the routine is my fabulous Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara.
Finish the look off with the lip colour of the day and Voila! my every day office wear makeup!

Choose-Day Tuesday: Benefit vs. Laura Mercier Highlighter

Today’s battle is faught between two highlighters which I got as a part of two different value sets to give them a good try before deciding to buy the full size products. Though miniature in size, they both pack a mean punch in what they set out to do — provide the face with a radiant, healthy glow.

First up, is the ultrasmooth, silky sexy powdered highlighter that will outlast any competitor — it’s the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact!
ADDRESS: Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Power Compact (Shade: Highlighter 01)
$42.00 0.26 oz

ASSESS: Cashing in my 500 point perk for a Laura Mercier set, this little baby was a stand out right away. It is perfect for a night on the town, a day at work, or even for a no makeup natural look giving off a healthy warm glow. Super blendable, this product can be built up from just a hint of sheer to  an intense bold look — your call.

I also love this product because it has its benefits for the skin as well, including Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals, to jojoba oil to moisturize the skin, which is always a plus for my forever issues with dryness.

Next up is the competitor that will luminize your life, it is the Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl highlighter!
ADDRESS: Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter
$36.00 0.4oz

ASSESS: Described as a soft, golden pink, liquid-pearl highlighter, this stuff light-reflects wonderfully and smells of wonderful raspberry goodness. I also love that this product has benefits for the skin, with moisturizing sesame seed oil and chamomile and almond seed extract to improve firmness. I will always opt for a product that looks great, while at the same time improving your skin.

While it is definitely important to use this sparingly (if you overload it looks like a hot frosty mess) I think this looks great for a night out when you really want your skin to appear vibrant and dewy.

VERDICT: I use both of these highlighters, however I definitely use the Laura Mercier one more. It looks so much more natural and absolutely stunning each time, no matter if I use a light or heavy hand. It is a powder but somehow does not feel dusty, and lasts all day long. The Benefit one is also great, with it’s own skin benefits and provides a great light-reflecting glow, however it can look too frosty at times and is a bit much for me for every day wear.

Laura Mercier is the winner!

Sephora Haul!

Four very wonderful S’s have made my long weekend — Sunshine, Swimming, Sangria aaaand Sephora! After a beautiful cottage weekend away, I arrived home today to another beautiful sight, my Sephora order.

I was super excited about this order, anxiously waiting every single day since I ordered it for it to come.
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I have been eyeing the Hourglass palette since it came out, so I decided to just bite the money-bullet and get it. I’m a bit annoyed because I heard others received the Hourglass primer with it, which I was excited to try, but oh well. Will be doing a review soon!

Lash Stash To Go Set
Not even gonna lie, the whole reason I HAD to put an order in (pretty sure I am headed to a Sephora next weekend ha!) was because I was worried this may not still be there and I absolutely had to have it. What an amazing deal. Will do a review for sure soon!

Origins Check and Balances Face Wash
My skin has made it’s way more to the combo side as of late, and after loving another Origins product I decided to test this baby out. After trying once, I think this is headed towards a positive review, fingers crossed!

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set
This was smaller than I anticipated, but I am really excited to try this out.

Sephora (Make Up For Ever) Birthday Set
Actually was pretty shocked over how much I love this lipstick. It is a great colour, and I just think it is the cutest tiniest lipstick!

Drugstore Haul!

So I’ve gathered up some stuff that I’ve got over the past couple of weeks to show you guys, most of which I’ve tried and some I have not, but can give you my opinions on what I think of them so far!


Real Techniques Travel Kit

This kit consists of the Multi Task brush, the Domed Shadow brush, and the Foundation brush. Definitely understand why people love this brand’s brushes! These are the first I have tried, and the Multi Task brush has become my favourite brush ever. Will be buying others from this brand!

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner
Will 100% be listed in my favourites for June. My hair feels so smooth and silky, hydrated and healthy, and smells AMAZING after I use this!

Got2b Double Curling Power Curling Mousse

Haven’t tried this yet, but in the summer I absolutely love beachy curls that are effortless. The last thing I want to do on a hot day is sweat underneath a blow dryer for 500 hours (okay, a tad exaggeration but that’s what it feels like, am I right?) so I am super excited to get out of the shower, run this product through my hair, scrunch and go! I’ll let you know how this stuff holds soon enough.

NYX Pore Filler

You can get a hold of this stuff at Target, a little pricier for drug store ($11.99 when I got it) but I really do believe it is an amazing dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional, which we all know is amazing. It minimizes the look of pores and feels so smooth, the porcelain doll-like finish they claim is not far off at all from how I feel!

Revlon Manicure Essentials

I haven’t opened this yet, but a friend got it for me for my birthday so I am super excited to try! The kit consists of:
-Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer
-Nail Clip with curved blade
-Compact Emeryl File
-Carrying case

She also got me a few other filers and a whole load of amazing nail polishes….I have amazing friends! 🙂

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

LOVE this concealer.

Nail Polishes

So as mentioned above, my awesome friend got me tonnes of great nail polishes for my birthday, so I decided to show my favourites and then the ones that I liked the least.

My absolute favourite of the bunch goes to Essie Go Ginza, a beautiful pale purple. The other favourites were Essie Romper Room (a baby pink), Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear Mint Sorbet (title describes it perfectly), and Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue (a wonderful baby blue).

Ironically, the reason why she got me a bunch of nail polish was because I was also complimenting her manicure, which was often sporting the next two colours brand of SinfulColours. While I love the shade Easy Going that is shown above, I find it takes a super long time to dry and is a little bit runny. The next shade of Cinderella is quite glittery, when I often opt for a one tone colour.



Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Library Set Review — Post #4

Next up for review in the Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose set are glosses Three, Five and Eight.
This is the last three to review from the set! If you’d like to check out my thoughts on the other 9 glosses they can be found in these posts:
Glosses Two, Nine and Eleven Review
Glosses Four, Seven and Ten Review
Glosses One Six and Twelve Review

Gloss Three
I was a bit hesitant to try this gloss at first, since it is not exactly a colour I normally veer towards, but I have found myself enjoying this. However, I’ll admit I enjoy it because it comes on rather translucent….so if you are in this for the actual shade — which Bite Beauty describes as a pale peach — don’t get your hopes up. Which is rather surprising since the rest of the set has been pretty great for colour payoff.
Gloss Five
My favourite gloss from the set! The most flattering shade on my olive (now quite tanned since I’ve been to Cuba) skin tone. Described as the light mauve shade, this gloss gives the perfect amount of shine and colour  that wears for hours and leaves my lips feeling soft and sexy. It adds that subtle hint of colour, adding a pinkness without being overbearing. I am obsessed with this shade!

Gloss Eight
IMG_4838 IMG_4837

Gloss Eight has great staying power and along with the majority of the set, awesome colour payoff. A bright red, this gloss is so similar to shades Nine and Ten, it is near impossible to tell the difference. Therefore, as great as this can be for a night on the town when you really want a standout gloss, I would have preferred a different shade for more veracity.

An overall review of this set will be up soon!