Massive Shopping Haul Post #1: Makeup, Books, Jewellery, Candles, Skincare!

Soooo I feel like lately all I update with is hauls, but with starting a new job tomorrow (eek!) I realized I desperately needed some new work attire. Besides, who doesn’t love to see shopping sprees?! I know I do.

So this past weekend I headed to Toronto and raided all the stores I normally don’t get to experience. I REALLY tried to stay away from focusing on my usual favs (LuluLemon, Forever 21, Sephora, Victoria Secret etc.) and more on the quality work clothing stores (Banana Republic, Tristan, etc.)

So for this post I will start off with all the accessories/fun little things I got and do another for the clothing!


A Life in Men by Gina Frangello
Already halfway through this book and really, really enjoying it. Hope to do a review afterwards!

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Loved The Kite Runner by this author so I am excited to try this one out!


Skin Drink (face moisturizer) and DreamWash (body wash)
LUSH was out of Celestial, my regular face moisturizer, and since I am hardly near a LUSH store ever I had to get something. The lady working recommended Skin Drink was my next bet. Interested to see how it compares.

Bath and Body Works
Now that I am back living at home, I’ve unfortunately had to ease up on my candle obsession since my mom hates them…..buuuut, with her going on vacation soon, I figured I’ve got some time to put them to use! Smelling like a pina colada, I love how this scent fills the room!

So I tried to stay clear since I JUST did an online Sephora haul (which can be found here) I couldn’t resist. Toronto is 3.5 hours away from me sooo I gotta take advantage while I can right?! Right.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil in Medium Brown
After trying the Go Brow Kit, I couldn’t deny that this pencil works some pretty get magic on my brows. Therefore, after regretting not getting it in my online order, I knew it was my chance to grab it in stores.

NARS Deep Throat Blush
My original excuse for going in store was to return NARS Amour. It just wasn’t my colour, and no matter how light of hand I used I felt like I looked like permanently embarrassed all day long every time. But after seeing deep throat and practically swatching my whole arm with it, I had to have it. Fingers crossed this one works out better!

Hard to tell from the picture, but this necklace came with all the letters of the alphabet….so you can choose whatever you use it for! It is only one per letter…therefore my name, Heather, doesn’t work. Thats okay though! I like using just my initials, and I love the fact I can change it up whenever I want.

I think this necklace will look wonderful with a rounded neckline or high neckline. I’ve worn it once and it definitely is a stand out piece. I love it!

Forever 21

I think this is a unique necklace as well, that will go with a lot of things.
This ring was $1.80. ‘Nuff Said.

Stay tuned for my clothing haul! 🙂


Book Review: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

ADDRESS: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

If You Find Me is a story of how fifteen year old Carey and her younger sister Jenessa copes with the aftermath of their mentally ill mother abandoning them for good. Living in a broken down camper hidden deep in a national forest for the majority of their lives, their world is completely turned upside down when their father– virtually a stranger– finds them and takes them in, with the task of reentering them into the civilized world of high school, a new family, girl problems, and the perplexing issue of boys.

If You Find Me is an emotional rollercoaster that brings you through the first-person narrative of a young girl who’s dealt with more trauma and turmoil than any fifteen year old should ever face. Having to quickly grow up in order to provide and be the ultimate caregiver for her younger sister while her meth addict mother leaves for weeks at a time, Carey’s voice provides great insight into the obstacles she and her sister have had to face, and now the struggles they need to face in order to adapt into a world they never had a chance to experience.

While I found the relationship between Carey and her sister truly touching, and was interested to see how the book did evolve right to the last page, I overall found there were way too many loopholes in this novel to truly work. First of all, I believe the portrayal of the social worker was off what she would be like in real life. You probably shouldn’t wear high-heels and get all fancied up when heading hours out to the woods to retrieve two lost, kidnapped, very scared girls. Second, since it was a kidnapping, wouldn’t their be some sort of police involved? I also believe Jenessa adapts to her new life way too quickly, seeing as she is the one who never really knew that type of living at all, and became mute after a particular traumatizing event, one would think it would take her a much longer time to put trust in others. It made zero sense the two sisters were grades above their level of education, since they had to teach everything they learned to themselves.

But most of all, Carey believed (on her mothers word) that her father had abused her, and while extremely terrified of him in the beginning, that fear almost completely vanished even before finding out the truth. She also trusted Jenessa with him alone at times without a second of concern, yet believed he had abused her as a child? It made no sense.

The book was very well written, and as previously mentioned I stayed tuned in to the very last page. However there were too many “huh?” moments for me to get over to ever recommend this book.