Shopping Haul!

Soooo…I may have spent quite a bit of money this weekend. Makeup, clothes, flats, a necklace, anniversary gift… is my Toronto visit shopping haul!

The visit to Toronto was to visit potential apartment options since my boyfriend is about to move to Toronto for a job. Sidenote: yes, I am extremely sad we will be long distance for a while…however, I have to think of the positive, and  I am excited his career is moving forward. It also means an excuse to visit Toronto more often!

So, we stopped at Yorkdale mall where I did some mad shopping.

From Lululemon I bought:
Power Y Tank
Yes, it looks like a plain black tank top that we all know since its Lululemon, was pretty expesnive. However, my justification is that I LOVE Lulu tanks for working out, it breathes, it has a built in bra, and is incredibly comfortable. Lulu has my favourite workout shirts, as well, it can double as an undershirt for every day wear too!

I was actually pretty disappointed in Banana Repulic. I have been loving their office wear lately, and that was the one store I wanted to make sure I went to. However, I didn’t really find anything I loved, and I am already debating on returning what I bought.
While I like this shirt well enough, it was quite expensive and frankly, nothing special enough for its price.

This dress actually goes knee length on me, which is actually pretty hard to find and required at my work. While I do really like the dress, it isn’t currently super flattering on me. I got it in hopes of motivating me to shed a few pounds, but now I’m worried even if that happens I still won’t find it flattering and I just wasted a bunch of money. Also debating on returning when I go back to Toronto.

From Sephora:

Then I headed to H&M, which I always know I will have success in! haha
Not usually a huge fan of rouging, but I think I will enjoy wearing this around the office.


The blazer was more cream coloured that I got than pictured above.

From Tristan:

And those were my purchases! Like I said, I think a couple of things will be returned….also, it wasn’t lost on me that basically everything I bought was either black or white (haha) but I feel those colours are always work appropriate and can be matched with standout pieces.



Sephora Visit

While my trip to Toronto was mainly for apartment viewings for my boyfriend, I was able to talk him into allowing me to visit my favourite store Sephora (and a few…okay, a lot of others! haha)

Sephora was a quick visit since I really do have more than enough makeup for the time being. I have a backup, a second backup, and often a third backup of everything I possibly need right now.

So I went into the store with a problem I needed help with….ever since I went off of birth control about six months ago, I have had under the skin bumps on my forehead. Ugh. They aren’t acne….no, because acne you can fix. They never fully come to, and I’ve found it impossible to do anything about!
Discussing my problem with a Sephora skin specialist, she recommended First Aid Beauty’s Natural Radiance Pads to be used in replace of a toner. While at first I was worried since I have sensitive skin and the lactic and glycolic acids along with the use of lemon peel sounded harsh for my skin, she let me know this product is actually designed to be safe for those with sensitivity. She let me know it is suppose to reach 6 layers down, and if anything could reach those bumps its this.

Soooooo I purchased the smaller package and have decided to give’r a try! Any of you tried this product? Has it worked for you? I’ll be putting it to the test and once I am done the 28 pads I’ll write a review!

Every Day Office Makeup

When looking at your whole beautiful makeup collection, sometimes it can be really hard to pin point what your everyday makeup is.

You may factor in that every now and then you wear this primer…..

….orrrrr for days you’re a little more glammed up, you’ll wear this lipstick….

…and you know, you do rotate what eyeliner your using sometimes…

But now that I start work at 7:30 a.m. and bring my travel bag of makeup and quickly put it on right at my desk more often than I’d like to admit, I’ve stripped down to what products I absolutely need on the regular that make me feel confident and ready to face the day!

Shocker #1 — no tinted moisturizer. A staple for me on nights out, but I like to let my skin breathe — at least for the summer while I have a natural tan going on, it takes less time in the morning.

I start with (most mornings) Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer, or if I’m up for contouring, benefit Hoola bronzer. I use my real techniques multi-task brush for this.


I follow that up with my beautiful, Nars Amour.

I then put on the Revlon Colorstay concealer to cover those purple bags. Definitely needed for that 6:30a.m. wakeup.
Next, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, followed by my Body Shop brow gel.
Then I follow with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette for highlight, used with my Body Shop slanted Kabuki brush.
Onto the eyes, I use Urban Decay’s Naked palette, shades W.O.S. and Naked 2 OR Lancome’s Positive Matte for the base. If I have time in the mornings, I opt for the Naked 3 palette, but it usually comes down to Naked Basics right at my desk! haha
I then line the eyes with either my L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Carbon Black liquid eyeliner or if I am going for a smaller cat eye, my Stila black liquid liner.
Shocker #2 — Not usually sporting pencil eyeliner at work. As much as I love my Urban Decay Perversion, I just don’t want to have to worry about raccoon eyes that I usually have by the end of the day!

Last of the routine is my fabulous Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara.
Finish the look off with the lip colour of the day and Voila! my every day office wear makeup!