June Favourites!

July is here/happy Canada Day!! Time to celebrate a great country by wearing our colours and drinking our national drink — a beer. But first,  a look back on the month of June and some of the products who really stood out as favs for me!
Revlon Colorstay Concealer 

Blends like a dream and perfectly hides those dark circles underneath the eyes. Does exactly what it sets out to do — conceals what I want, and looks 100% natural. Wore this pretty much every single day since I got it!

Origins Mask
My skin has been getting pretty bad lately now that I am off birth control — so this Charcoal Mask has been an absolute life saver. I notice such a difference immediately after use, I know it is really getting the dirt from beneath my skin and helping my stupid blemishes and blackheads disappear!


Coconut Milk Conditioner
Got this near the beginning of the month, and I am officially obsessed. I love trying out new conditioner so it is rare that I repeat — I am for sure repeat buying this. My hair feels so hydrated and healthy — and not to mention smells amazing — after I use this.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil
In the past couple of weeks I’ve re-found love in really taking my time and doing a full face of makeup a lot of the time, so the MAC Cleanse Off Oil just makes my life so easy. I love how it literally makes EVERYTHING come off within two seconds of rubbing it in, and that it turns into lather once you wash it off. Love!

B2B Mousse
I used this when going camping, jump out of the lake and simply scrunch this through your hair and — bam! Voluminous curls and no frizz! And frizz is a huge problem for me. Definitely my go-to mousse from now on!

Bite Beauty #6 Gloss
After getting Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose set, I am venturing between a variety of glosses for different occasions, however #6 cannot go unnoticed, seeming to have found a permanent pocket position in my purse. Smelling sweet and looking great, #6 is a tad darker pink than my natural lip colour, which is perfect  for the natural makeup look I often sport.


Essie Go Gingza
Receiving this for my birthday at the beginning of the month, I’ve pretty much had this colour on either my toes or fingers the whole time since. A light purple, this colour is so flattering and pretty with a tan, and of course Essie polishes always go on smoothly and have great lasting power.



10 thoughts on “June Favourites!

  1. Happy Canada Day! 🙂 I’ve tried the Origins mask, and it doesn’t really do anything for me. So I’m thinking maybe I need something stronger? That being said, I really do like Origins products though — and the fact that they’re a part of the Estee Lauder group taps into my loyal side haha. That Essie colour is so pretty! I’m definitely gonna look for it, and I’ve always wanted to try that conditioner too. Great post! xo

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Just curious, have you tried any other charcoal masks? It is my first mask that I’ve ever tried for blackheads so I can immediately tell theres a difference, however I’ve heard some others (cough Glamglow cough) can do a better job of it.

      • I haven’t actually, though I did try the Boscia Lumizing Mask (it’s a black one) — and again this didn’t really do much. Lol yes I’ve heard about GlamGlow as well…but for some reason I cannot bring myself to believe the hype, and I surely won’t be spending that much on a mask.

      • I agree about glam glow, I don’t know if id ever be able to justify that purchase. However, yesterday I went and got a free sample of it just to see what all the fuss was about! Gotta love free stuff haha

    • Same!! I just got the checks balances face wash from origins too and so far I am loving it! Love how much cheaper it is than some of the other brands (cough glam glow) but still shows results!

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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