Hump Day Holy Grail: Origins Charcoal Mask

Today’s Holy Grail was decided moments ago — after Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask left my face feeling so revitalized and clean.

This is the type of mask you can actually see a dramatic result even after one use. From the first try to now, every time I have used Origin’s Charcoal Mask I have felt a world of difference — unclogging my pores, and leaving my face feeling so fresh, without stripping it of natural oils. I have dealt with super dry skin all my life, but after coming off the pill I have gotten a bit oiler and more breakouts than ever before — may even have to start calling myself combo skin from here on out. Origins did not dry out the dry patches, and really helped with my breakouts.

I’m also SO relieved I am so happy with this product, since its competitors who claim to do the same things triple in price!! I hear only amazing things about Glamglow, but just could not justify spending a week’s groceries on it.

For  the price of $28.00 for 3.4 oz to get a huge help in ridding blackheads, huge help in ridding breakouts, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean and not drying at all…yep, I am sold.


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