Miffed Monday — Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

It’s that time of the week again! The time to discuss a product in which I tried with excitement — and left me truly miffed with it’s results. This weeks culprit goes to the one and only Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black. 
Thankfully, I got this liner in part of a value set from Sephora, otherwise I’d be pretty peeved I travelled all the way home with no option of returning this awful excuse of a “precision, accentuating black liquid eyeliner.” I feel duped. After getting the Draw the Line value set, Eyeko was one of the most anticipated items, using it first from the set. 

You see, a brand dedicated to liners and mascaras led me to believe I was about to experience something marvellous — and instead it was something quite the opposite. Upon my VERY FIRST try of this liner, I didn’t even finish the second eye before it was completely dried out. That’s it. Trying now, I get the faint leftovers of what was supposedly once there. Thinking I just picked out the unlucky lottery ticket, I checked reviews online — only to find out I am not alone! 

“Two liners dried out within the first week of purchase.”

“I was really disappointed. […] As others have noted, the formula is dry and the pen tip is uncomfortable. What’s worse, it is impossible to put this eyeliner on over eyeshadow.”

“While testing the mini Skinny, I noticed (like everyone else) how quickly it dries out… so quickly that it’s almost impossible to line both eyes properly before you have to give up and try again tomorrow.”

 “Didnt even get the chance to use this product because when I finally opened the box it was already dried out!”

“Dried out soon after I used it, like 2 days after! Not worth the money at all.”

…And all these comments are from the very first page of the Sephora comments. How can such a seemingly respected eyeliner brand have such a basic formula problem? I see many comments also stating to try to run it under water and it works much better, so I will be trying that….but for $20.00 a pop, you shouldn’t have to be doing stuff like that from the very first try. I’ll stick with my Stila!


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