Hump Day Holy Grail: Anastasia Go Brow Kit

This week’s hump day holy grail goes to none other than the marvellous Anastasia Beverly Hills Go Brow Kit! Consisting of a mini brow pencil (0.013), mini tweezers, and a mini clear brow gel (0.085 oz.) this miniature kit is perfect for travel and for testing these babies out before splurging on the real deal. 

I say splurging because yes, I do see spending $27.00 on the full sized brow pencil as pricey, but after using this kit I actually think its justified. Anastasia Beverly Hills really is at the top of the game where brows are concerned. Before six months ago, I never even touched my brows. We all know “that girl” who way over does her brows, giving her a permanent crazy expression. You can’t help but stare. I always thought if I even dare tried, I’d look like her and….no thanks! 

But the brow pencil from Anastasia Beverley Hills goes on so natural, they make my brows look fuller and sculpted to perfection. 

The brow gel is also something I will definitely be repurchasing, and I’d say I find this sizing better than the pencil in this kit. I have long, thin brows, so I am constantly having the issue of them getting out of place. With this gel, I know they are stuck like glue to where I want, but with no crusty look. 

The amount of compliments I have gotten since using this kit has not gone unnoticed, and for $21.00 for the entire kit it is definitely a repurchase! 


2 thoughts on “Hump Day Holy Grail: Anastasia Go Brow Kit

  1. I swatched the pencil in this little kit in Sephora once, but it didn’t deposit much color. Despite that though, I still think it’s a pretty good value for the price. Her Dipbrow Brow Pomade is amazing! I got a sample of it in the shade Chocolate and it’s been lasting me such a long time – I plan to invest in the real thing soon enough. Great post Heather! 🙂 xo

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