Unexpected Items We Were Grateful for On Our Trip!

Now that I’ve allowed the world to see my forgetfulness — how about I do a post about how brilliant I am (ha) and what I remembered for the trip that I was thankful for!

1) Our own snorkelling gear.
Trips are different for everyone, but my boyfriend and I discovered a love for snorkelling. We did a snorkelling excursion taking a catamaran boat cruise all day to two coral reefs (us getting ready pictured above) as well as snorkelled every day in the ocean at the resort. We were obsessed at discovering interesting water life.

Now that I’ve plugged snorkelling, I was extra grateful for bringing our own snorkelling gear. I’m confident that both our excursion and the resort take the appropriate sanitary procedures needed, it felt nice knowing hundreds of other strangers mouths hadn’t been on the same mouth piece I’d be breathing into for hours at a time. I also didn’t have to adjust my goggles every time, or head down to the equipment centre every time I wanted a pair.

2) Salt
People aren’t lying when they say they think the food is bland in Cuba — is it as awful as some people made it out to be? Absolutely not. You’ve got your standard stuff, it just doesn’t have all that much flavour! They also most of the time had salt shakers near so we didn’t even need our own, but the buffet never seemed to, and the snack bar had them only at certain tables, so we were grateful that we’d be able to use our own whenever needed.

3) Travel Mug
Staying at all inclusive means unlimited drinks (woohoo!) which means sipping on that pina colada all day every day can be a dream easily made come true. However, the beaches are long, which can make them a long ways away from the nearest bar. The plastic cups the resort provides are so tiny, some people may be done their drink by the time they reach their beach chair again! A large travel mug meant I got a hefty amount each time, and could sip on my wonderful drink for a long time before needing another.

4) Tennis Rackets
We had three tennis courts at our disposal, it was awesome. Once again, the resort did provide equipment…however, as much as I loved the resort, information was sparse. Not that we needed to look for it, but we saw no information about where people could pick up the rackets, and when. I remember another couple coming to the court telling us they couldn’t find them anywhere desperate to know where we got ours. With our rooms almost directly next to the courts, it was so nice to be able to just get up and go whenever we wanted to.

5) Hair Mousse
So I had brought my straightener, my curling wand, some hairspray, etc….picturing myself getting all dolled up every night! Yeeeah right. Even though vacation means you are basically relaxed all day long anyway, I continue my laziness into the night and not into spending an hour on my hair. It was so hot, I didn’t even want to touch the hair dryer. Therefore, being about to just run some mousse through my hair and crunch it into some curls was a God send. Two minutes later, and I am done and sportin’ a cute due all the same!


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