Lesson Learned: Bring These on Your Trip!

First off, I’d like to say I apologize for neglecting my blog as of late — but I have been on a trip to Cuba!! In short, I will just say I had an amazing time and loved every second of it.

Since I’ve still got the travel bug in me, I decided to write about travelling and discuss what could be useful to others — things that I had forgotten in the packing stage that we regretted right away. So let’s begin!

1) Aloe Vera Gel. 
My boyfriend and I were super careful about the sun, and even then we still got a few burns. With nothing to soothe them, even though they were far from the worst I’ve had, without anything to help the process we really felt them, which lead to us scaring away even more from the sun.

2) Sunscreen.  A lot.
Maybe this was just because both my boyfriend and I have learned our lesson from previous trips where we were burnt to a crisp….but with two whole bottles for a week, we just had enough! And by just enough, I mean the last couple of days we had to use them sparingly. I’ve realized its better to pack more than less, and if you have extra well it will certainly go to future use!

3) LUSH Dream Cream (or any good moisturizer) 
I know. I know. What kind of dummy forgets? Especially one who has eczema. But usually my eczema acts up in the winter time and is fine in the summer, so I thought in Cuba of all places it would be fine….nope. I’m assuming it was the ocean water, my eczema acted up worse than ever! Luckily I still remembered my facial moisturizer, and had brought a dinky little cheap brand, but the more my skin cracked the more I realized just how important a quality moisturizer is.

4) Comfy, not new, high heels.
Backstory: So I had a brown pair of heels for a few years that I was absolutely obsessed with…comfortable, stylish, went with a variety of outfits…so I was heartbroken when they broke. Sure, I had a few other pairs that I almost love just as much, but I wanted to find a pair that looked as close to those previous babies as possible.


Stupid idea. I wore them briefly around the house the DAY BEFORE my trip, and decided to bring them as my every night heel. Well, the very first night my boyfriend and I decide sitting on the deck at the beach watching the sunset would be romantic. Not so romantic when we accidentally take the long way and I quickly realized these shoes weren’t made for walkin’. A couple of hours into the first night my feet were already throbbing, and other than one more night of knowing I would be mostly sitting, I tucked them away for the rest of the trip. Lesson learned: bring shoes you know are comfortable, you never know what you’ll be up to!

5) A (Cheap) Watch
It could have been the specific resort we were staying at, but absolutely no where had a friggen clock! Not the buffet, the snack bar, the bars, the restaurants, the store, the front lobby, heck, not even our resort room had a clock. We were constantly turning to each other saying do you have any idea what time it is? Sure, we brought our phones and iPods, but those were tucked away in our locked safety box. No way were leaving those unattended at the beach when we would snorkelling for long periods of time. So next time I will go out and buy a $10 dinky little time teller, so if there are any places to be (excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment shows etc.) we won’t have to worry about missing it.


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