Holy Grail Hump Day — Revlon Colorstay Concealer

For me, a Holy Grail status is a hard one to achieve. I don’t take that title lightly. A Holy Grail product isn’t something I just like, it’s a product I know I can depend on time after time. That I will continue to repurchase because it exceeds expectations and gets the job done every single time.
Therefore, it’s pretty shocking for me that after less than a month, the Revlon Colorstay concealer has already achieved Holy Grail status for me! I got this product completely on a whim, my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is going quicker than I want and was hoping to find something for a cheaper price that could do the trick.

(03 Light Medium blended)

Well this does the trick alright. Super blendable, this product comes on creamy and blends in effortlessly. I personally love these tub and stick applicators, it makes it easy to get the product in the exact areas you desire. 03 Light Medium is the perfect shade for me.

Coverage is great, it is buildable, so depending on the coverage you want you can get. However, I feel it comes on pretty thick anyway…a little goes a long way. I use this for the under eye dark bags and it hides them perfectly, with no cakey look whatsoever. It isn’t a highlighter in any way, but a straight up concealer. It does the exact job it has set out to do, and I couldn’t ask for anything more!


Choose Day Tuesday: LUSH Turkish Delight vs. Dream Cream

Today’s battle goes to two of Lush’s most hydrating shower smoothies — Dreamwash and Turkish Delight!
In the left corner we have it’s competitor’s worst nightmare, but our body’s dream….it’s Dreamwash!

$22.95 250g
ASSESS: Being a massive fan of Lush’s Dream Cream, I decided to use it’s partner in crime for the shower. Made with rich, smoothing calamine, aloe vera, lavender, rose, tea tree and chamomile, this shower smoothie is made for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, skin irritation and sunburns. The calamine even helps with bug bites!

While I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference whatsoever in bug bites or sunburns (though I wasn’t trying to use it for that) I can say it has provided great moisture for my eczema prone skin and complements it’s dual cream like the dream it claims to be! Very creamy like most of their shower smoothies, the scent is a hard one to describe, but I can tell you if you are in the market for a fragrance body wash, this is not it.

While it lathers just fine, I don’t feel like it leaves me feeling super duper clean — I use a different soap for the areas I really scrub. However, if you have areas of dryness this is definitely the product to use for those areas.

In the right corner we have the shower smoothie that leaves you feeling absolutely delightful! It’s…Turkish Delight!

ADDRESS: LUSH Turkish Delight
$34.95 200g
ASSESS: Also well-known for hydrating dry skin, Turkish Delight is also a creamy texture made of the likes of aphrodisiac jasmine and Turkish rose, smoothing almond oil, moisturizing cocoa butter and neroli. Rose scented, LUSH instructs to leave lathered on the skin for a minute before rinsing, to ensure touchably soft and fragranct skin.

While made for any skin type, this shower smoothie complements dry skin well. Unlike its competitor, it is made for those with sensitive skin, yet provides a beautiful scent along with it that does not irritate.

While I found it a bit difficult to lather, leading to me using more product per use than I would like, I love the scent of this product a lot, leaving my body rose scented but not overpowering. Most importantly, I am left with extremely hydrated skin!

VERDICT: When sitting side by side, it’s a pretty difficult choice. Therefore, stats come into play. Dream Cream has 250g where Turkish Delight prodives 200g. Dream Cream is $22.95, where as Turkish Delight is a whopping $34.95.

I found both products to generally do the exact same thing, however I even found Turkish Delight harder to lather, forcing me to use more product than Dream Cream. Turkish Delight definitely had a better scent, but if that is all it does better it simply is not worth it for me. Unless I saw Turkish Delight do absolute wonders for my skin, that was going to be the only time I spent that much on the product, and since Dream Cream did basically the same thing, they are the winner of this battle!

Drugstore Haul!

So I’ve gathered up some stuff that I’ve got over the past couple of weeks to show you guys, most of which I’ve tried and some I have not, but can give you my opinions on what I think of them so far!


Real Techniques Travel Kit

This kit consists of the Multi Task brush, the Domed Shadow brush, and the Foundation brush. Definitely understand why people love this brand’s brushes! These are the first I have tried, and the Multi Task brush has become my favourite brush ever. Will be buying others from this brand!

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner
Will 100% be listed in my favourites for June. My hair feels so smooth and silky, hydrated and healthy, and smells AMAZING after I use this!

Got2b Double Curling Power Curling Mousse

Haven’t tried this yet, but in the summer I absolutely love beachy curls that are effortless. The last thing I want to do on a hot day is sweat underneath a blow dryer for 500 hours (okay, a tad exaggeration but that’s what it feels like, am I right?) so I am super excited to get out of the shower, run this product through my hair, scrunch and go! I’ll let you know how this stuff holds soon enough.

NYX Pore Filler

You can get a hold of this stuff at Target, a little pricier for drug store ($11.99 when I got it) but I really do believe it is an amazing dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional, which we all know is amazing. It minimizes the look of pores and feels so smooth, the porcelain doll-like finish they claim is not far off at all from how I feel!

Revlon Manicure Essentials

I haven’t opened this yet, but a friend got it for me for my birthday so I am super excited to try! The kit consists of:
-Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer
-Nail Clip with curved blade
-Compact Emeryl File
-Carrying case

She also got me a few other filers and a whole load of amazing nail polishes….I have amazing friends! 🙂

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

LOVE this concealer.

Nail Polishes

So as mentioned above, my awesome friend got me tonnes of great nail polishes for my birthday, so I decided to show my favourites and then the ones that I liked the least.

My absolute favourite of the bunch goes to Essie Go Ginza, a beautiful pale purple. The other favourites were Essie Romper Room (a baby pink), Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear Mint Sorbet (title describes it perfectly), and Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue (a wonderful baby blue).

Ironically, the reason why she got me a bunch of nail polish was because I was also complimenting her manicure, which was often sporting the next two colours brand of SinfulColours. While I love the shade Easy Going that is shown above, I find it takes a super long time to dry and is a little bit runny. The next shade of Cinderella is quite glittery, when I often opt for a one tone colour.



Hump Day Holy Grail: Origins Charcoal Mask

Today’s Holy Grail was decided moments ago — after Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask left my face feeling so revitalized and clean.

This is the type of mask you can actually see a dramatic result even after one use. From the first try to now, every time I have used Origin’s Charcoal Mask I have felt a world of difference — unclogging my pores, and leaving my face feeling so fresh, without stripping it of natural oils. I have dealt with super dry skin all my life, but after coming off the pill I have gotten a bit oiler and more breakouts than ever before — may even have to start calling myself combo skin from here on out. Origins did not dry out the dry patches, and really helped with my breakouts.

I’m also SO relieved I am so happy with this product, since its competitors who claim to do the same things triple in price!! I hear only amazing things about Glamglow, but just could not justify spending a week’s groceries on it.

For  the price of $28.00 for 3.4 oz to get a huge help in ridding blackheads, huge help in ridding breakouts, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean and not drying at all…yep, I am sold.

Miffed Monday — Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

It’s that time of the week again! The time to discuss a product in which I tried with excitement — and left me truly miffed with it’s results. This weeks culprit goes to the one and only Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black. 
Thankfully, I got this liner in part of a value set from Sephora, otherwise I’d be pretty peeved I travelled all the way home with no option of returning this awful excuse of a “precision, accentuating black liquid eyeliner.” I feel duped. After getting the Draw the Line value set, Eyeko was one of the most anticipated items, using it first from the set. 

You see, a brand dedicated to liners and mascaras led me to believe I was about to experience something marvellous — and instead it was something quite the opposite. Upon my VERY FIRST try of this liner, I didn’t even finish the second eye before it was completely dried out. That’s it. Trying now, I get the faint leftovers of what was supposedly once there. Thinking I just picked out the unlucky lottery ticket, I checked reviews online — only to find out I am not alone! 

“Two liners dried out within the first week of purchase.”

“I was really disappointed. […] As others have noted, the formula is dry and the pen tip is uncomfortable. What’s worse, it is impossible to put this eyeliner on over eyeshadow.”

“While testing the mini Skinny, I noticed (like everyone else) how quickly it dries out… so quickly that it’s almost impossible to line both eyes properly before you have to give up and try again tomorrow.”

 “Didnt even get the chance to use this product because when I finally opened the box it was already dried out!”

“Dried out soon after I used it, like 2 days after! Not worth the money at all.”

…And all these comments are from the very first page of the Sephora comments. How can such a seemingly respected eyeliner brand have such a basic formula problem? I see many comments also stating to try to run it under water and it works much better, so I will be trying that….but for $20.00 a pop, you shouldn’t have to be doing stuff like that from the very first try. I’ll stick with my Stila!

Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Library Set Review — Post #4

Next up for review in the Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose set are glosses Three, Five and Eight.
This is the last three to review from the set! If you’d like to check out my thoughts on the other 9 glosses they can be found in these posts:
Glosses Two, Nine and Eleven Review
Glosses Four, Seven and Ten Review
Glosses One Six and Twelve Review

Gloss Three
I was a bit hesitant to try this gloss at first, since it is not exactly a colour I normally veer towards, but I have found myself enjoying this. However, I’ll admit I enjoy it because it comes on rather translucent….so if you are in this for the actual shade — which Bite Beauty describes as a pale peach — don’t get your hopes up. Which is rather surprising since the rest of the set has been pretty great for colour payoff.
Gloss Five
My favourite gloss from the set! The most flattering shade on my olive (now quite tanned since I’ve been to Cuba) skin tone. Described as the light mauve shade, this gloss gives the perfect amount of shine and colour  that wears for hours and leaves my lips feeling soft and sexy. It adds that subtle hint of colour, adding a pinkness without being overbearing. I am obsessed with this shade!

Gloss Eight
IMG_4838 IMG_4837

Gloss Eight has great staying power and along with the majority of the set, awesome colour payoff. A bright red, this gloss is so similar to shades Nine and Ten, it is near impossible to tell the difference. Therefore, as great as this can be for a night on the town when you really want a standout gloss, I would have preferred a different shade for more veracity.

An overall review of this set will be up soon!

Book Review: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

ADDRESS: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

If You Find Me is a story of how fifteen year old Carey and her younger sister Jenessa copes with the aftermath of their mentally ill mother abandoning them for good. Living in a broken down camper hidden deep in a national forest for the majority of their lives, their world is completely turned upside down when their father– virtually a stranger– finds them and takes them in, with the task of reentering them into the civilized world of high school, a new family, girl problems, and the perplexing issue of boys.

If You Find Me is an emotional rollercoaster that brings you through the first-person narrative of a young girl who’s dealt with more trauma and turmoil than any fifteen year old should ever face. Having to quickly grow up in order to provide and be the ultimate caregiver for her younger sister while her meth addict mother leaves for weeks at a time, Carey’s voice provides great insight into the obstacles she and her sister have had to face, and now the struggles they need to face in order to adapt into a world they never had a chance to experience.

While I found the relationship between Carey and her sister truly touching, and was interested to see how the book did evolve right to the last page, I overall found there were way too many loopholes in this novel to truly work. First of all, I believe the portrayal of the social worker was off what she would be like in real life. You probably shouldn’t wear high-heels and get all fancied up when heading hours out to the woods to retrieve two lost, kidnapped, very scared girls. Second, since it was a kidnapping, wouldn’t their be some sort of police involved? I also believe Jenessa adapts to her new life way too quickly, seeing as she is the one who never really knew that type of living at all, and became mute after a particular traumatizing event, one would think it would take her a much longer time to put trust in others. It made zero sense the two sisters were grades above their level of education, since they had to teach everything they learned to themselves.

But most of all, Carey believed (on her mothers word) that her father had abused her, and while extremely terrified of him in the beginning, that fear almost completely vanished even before finding out the truth. She also trusted Jenessa with him alone at times without a second of concern, yet believed he had abused her as a child? It made no sense.

The book was very well written, and as previously mentioned I stayed tuned in to the very last page. However there were too many “huh?” moments for me to get over to ever recommend this book.