Choose-Day Tuesday: Gillette vs. Skintimate

Today’s battle is between two worthy competitors of the smooth and silky world — sensitive skin shaving cream. Enabling the sharpest blades to do their job right, the two will battle it out right here and determine who is the best of all!

In the left corner we have the competitor who leaves no man (hair) behind, and gets the job done! It’s….

Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Dry Shave Cream


I was drawn to this product after years of using Gillette because it is specifically made for people with dryness – which is the definition of my skin. I personally prefer soft, smooth legs every single day (seriously cannot go without shaving), so if I can moisturize in the process I see that as nothing but a plus!

In a squirt bottle rather than the aerosol that I am use to, after halfway of using the product it becomes rather difficult to squeeze out the remaining product. Nevertheless, the product itself is pretty good. Coming out as a light creamy opaque pink, it already feels more like a moisturizing cream as opposed to a shaving cream. You need quite a bit of it for each use to apply it evenly.

I haven’t cut myself at all, and have never felt razor burn with it.

My legs do feel moisturized afterwards, nothing too dramatic but still up from other brands. My biggest fault is I feel there is a bit of residue left on my skin, you can’t see it but I need to really scrub to get rid of that filminess.

In the right corner we have the competitor who gets those blades to finish the job, leaving not a trace of evidence behind, it’s…….

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin


I have been using various Gillette Satin Care shaving creams for years. I can already say right off the bat, best smelling shaving creams ever. My absolute favourite is Melon Splash, my go-to summer shaving cream.

That being said, I am going to focus on the sensitive skin shaving cream they offer to be a fair match up. Aerosol can, and gel to foam substance like their other products, this shaving cream is unscented. I don’t cut myself with this shaving cream and definitely never feel razor burn. I do notice a different in the areas that are more prone to cut, I trust this product to keep me out of harms way.

The shave leaves my legs feeling super smooth and silky! It lessens the irritation caused to skin, however I do not see it adding any moisture.

Both shaving creams are pretty awesome and will most likely continue to buy both, however the winner for me is my Gillette Satin Care. I feel like I need to use so much more product every time with the Skintimate in order to provide a thick enough layer to be confident I will not nick myself. They both leave my legs feeling super smooth, and while the Skinimate leaves them feeling a little more moisturized, they also leave a filmy residue I am not a fan of. Therefore, Gillette Satin Care is the winner!


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