Holy Grail Hump Day! — Urban Decay’s Naked Basics

Today’s Holy Grail Hump Day is dedicated to Urban Decay’s Naked Basics!

This pallet isn’t exactly new to the internet, and you’ve probably heard many rave about these six shadows before. But it takes a lot to become a Holy Grail for me, so I think it deserves all the recognition it gets!

The packaging is petite and sturdy, able to fit six full size shadows but remain small, light and great for travel. Not only is this my go-to for every day wear, but the packaging makes it perfect for travel or to fit in my purse for touch ups.

The name of Naked Basics is 100% appropriate. These colours truly are the cream of the crop for a natural look, for any skin tone, and can transition into a dramatic look for night as well. The world is your oyster.

There are five matte shades and 1 shimmer; which to me is absolutely perfect. I am obsessed with my Naked 3 pallet, however I definitely wish there were more matte shades than shimmery ones. With the Naked pallets I feel like you go into the purchase fully knowing there will at least be one or two shades that will be a write off and you will just simply never get along with — with Naked Basics, I can use every single one.
Venus — A shimmery white/cream colour. I love this to highlight under the brow. It has great pigmentation, and adds the perfect amount of frost that I intend for.
Foxy — A light yellow matte shadow. It is an extremely smooth shade, probably the least used of the shades for me, but definitely still a great shade.
W.O.S. (Walk of Shame) — A creamy, light beige matte shadow. I am obsessed with this shade!! I always, always use this as a base all over the lid. Super buttery and smooth to work with, I am in love.
Naked 2 — A very light, soft brown matte shadow. My favourite shade of the pallet, I go to this every single day for everyday wear. It provides a soft, smooth light look, and is the perfect crease shade when I use W.O.S for all over the lid.
Faint — A warm medium brown matte shadow. As per usual, pigmentation is amazing and is super buttery and smooth, so easy to work with.
Crave — A dark black with hints of brown, matte shadow. I love this to line the eye with, as well as to transition to a dramatic look if I am out already.

The price is also something to feel great about, with Urban Decay shadows selling for $22.00 per shadow, Naked Basics gives you six full-size amazing shades for $33.00. Bringing you down from $22.00 a shadow to $5.50!

Based on packaging, pigmentation, colour variety, colour payoff and price — Urban Decay Naked Basics is absolutely a Holy Grail for me!!


9 thoughts on “Holy Grail Hump Day! — Urban Decay’s Naked Basics

  1. I have the Naked 2 palette, and I love it but I do wish there were more matte shades. I really want the basics palette, I will probably end up with it someday 🙂

    • I agree, I love the other palettes but that is my one thing I wish was different. I love combining the mattes of the Naked Basics with the other palettes as well, I highly recommend! 🙂

  2. Amen Sista!! This is my holy grail basic palette for a day that I might not wear make up but when something comes up I’m ready with this pocket sized palette. I use the Naked color as my eyebrow filler and the black color as an eyeliner. The others of course I use them as eyeshadows which is their purpose lol

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