Holy Grail Hump Day

Today’s Holy Grail goes to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara!

I feel like this is almost everyone and their grandmother’s favourite mascara, and for good reason. It truly works wonders!!

I personally use this mascara for parties and nights out with friends — it is so intensely black and voluptuous, I feel like I’d look too dolled up for work.

Because that is exactly what I feel it does, it makes me look so glam! With one coat, my lashes are full, defined, and dramatic. I already have lengthy eyelashes so most mascaras just coats, so I am still in shock every time at how much length Better Than Sex gives them, and thickness! I suddenly look like I have a 100 more lashes and double the size — MULTIPLE times I have been asked by friends when did I start wearing fake lashes? Nope, I just started using the best mascara of all time!!

100% recommend Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara!


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