Miffed Monday! — Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream

So I’ve decided to stick to the Miffed Monday theme and keep moving forward to the products out there they truly did just that — miff me! This week’s provoker goes to Burt’s Bees Radiance eye cream.

I love a couple of other Burt’s Bees products so when I saw this cream go on half price from it’s original 50% (from $30.00 to $15.00) I decided to go for it.

(The above photo is legitimately what the packaging looks like…took it right from their website.  Most boring thing I have ever seen)

I quickly realized the 50% off was probably for good reason….The website claims this cream helps soften skin, increase radiance and restore essential moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes. The royal jelly within the product enhances skin texture and smoothness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. So it is anti-aging, hydrating, packed with 134 nutrients, and makes the skin radiant? Sign me up!

However, I did not feel like this product did absolutely ANY of that. Somehow this product managed to have a bit of greasy cream texture, but when applied dries the skin. That is, if you are patient enough to actually let the skin absorb the product, since even with a thin layer it takes forever. I immediately had to take it out of my morning routine since it would be impossible to continue on with makeup.

I wouldn’t say there is an added fragrance, but the cream itself has a bizarre scent that you smell for quite sometime after applying.

I felt a slight sting from it, but nothing too worrisome…that is until I noticed it truly was causing some irritation. At my age, I hardly have fine line problems (yet) in the undereye area, I was mostly trying to be proactive. However what little there is, I saw no change in.

Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye cream is suppose to be hydrating, yet it was drying. It is suppose to be smoothing, yet caused irritation. Is suppose to be a day and night cream, yet it takes such a long time to absorb. It is suppose to be anti-aging, yet I saw no difference at all.

Pricey, smells weird, and doesn’t do a damn thing….so yes, top of the Miffed list indeed!


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