Choose-Day Tuesday: Gillette vs. Skintimate

Today’s battle is between two worthy competitors of the smooth and silky world — sensitive skin shaving cream. Enabling the sharpest blades to do their job right, the two will battle it out right here and determine who is the best of all!

In the left corner we have the competitor who leaves no man (hair) behind, and gets the job done! It’s….

Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Dry Shave Cream


I was drawn to this product after years of using Gillette because it is specifically made for people with dryness – which is the definition of my skin. I personally prefer soft, smooth legs every single day (seriously cannot go without shaving), so if I can moisturize in the process I see that as nothing but a plus!

In a squirt bottle rather than the aerosol that I am use to, after halfway of using the product it becomes rather difficult to squeeze out the remaining product. Nevertheless, the product itself is pretty good. Coming out as a light creamy opaque pink, it already feels more like a moisturizing cream as opposed to a shaving cream. You need quite a bit of it for each use to apply it evenly.

I haven’t cut myself at all, and have never felt razor burn with it.

My legs do feel moisturized afterwards, nothing too dramatic but still up from other brands. My biggest fault is I feel there is a bit of residue left on my skin, you can’t see it but I need to really scrub to get rid of that filminess.

In the right corner we have the competitor who gets those blades to finish the job, leaving not a trace of evidence behind, it’s…….

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin


I have been using various Gillette Satin Care shaving creams for years. I can already say right off the bat, best smelling shaving creams ever. My absolute favourite is Melon Splash, my go-to summer shaving cream.

That being said, I am going to focus on the sensitive skin shaving cream they offer to be a fair match up. Aerosol can, and gel to foam substance like their other products, this shaving cream is unscented. I don’t cut myself with this shaving cream and definitely never feel razor burn. I do notice a different in the areas that are more prone to cut, I trust this product to keep me out of harms way.

The shave leaves my legs feeling super smooth and silky! It lessens the irritation caused to skin, however I do not see it adding any moisture.

Both shaving creams are pretty awesome and will most likely continue to buy both, however the winner for me is my Gillette Satin Care. I feel like I need to use so much more product every time with the Skintimate in order to provide a thick enough layer to be confident I will not nick myself. They both leave my legs feeling super smooth, and while the Skinimate leaves them feeling a little more moisturized, they also leave a filmy residue I am not a fan of. Therefore, Gillette Satin Care is the winner!


Holy Grail Hump Day! — Urban Decay’s Naked Basics

Today’s Holy Grail Hump Day is dedicated to Urban Decay’s Naked Basics!

This pallet isn’t exactly new to the internet, and you’ve probably heard many rave about these six shadows before. But it takes a lot to become a Holy Grail for me, so I think it deserves all the recognition it gets!

The packaging is petite and sturdy, able to fit six full size shadows but remain small, light and great for travel. Not only is this my go-to for every day wear, but the packaging makes it perfect for travel or to fit in my purse for touch ups.

The name of Naked Basics is 100% appropriate. These colours truly are the cream of the crop for a natural look, for any skin tone, and can transition into a dramatic look for night as well. The world is your oyster.

There are five matte shades and 1 shimmer; which to me is absolutely perfect. I am obsessed with my Naked 3 pallet, however I definitely wish there were more matte shades than shimmery ones. With the Naked pallets I feel like you go into the purchase fully knowing there will at least be one or two shades that will be a write off and you will just simply never get along with — with Naked Basics, I can use every single one.
Venus — A shimmery white/cream colour. I love this to highlight under the brow. It has great pigmentation, and adds the perfect amount of frost that I intend for.
Foxy — A light yellow matte shadow. It is an extremely smooth shade, probably the least used of the shades for me, but definitely still a great shade.
W.O.S. (Walk of Shame) — A creamy, light beige matte shadow. I am obsessed with this shade!! I always, always use this as a base all over the lid. Super buttery and smooth to work with, I am in love.
Naked 2 — A very light, soft brown matte shadow. My favourite shade of the pallet, I go to this every single day for everyday wear. It provides a soft, smooth light look, and is the perfect crease shade when I use W.O.S for all over the lid.
Faint — A warm medium brown matte shadow. As per usual, pigmentation is amazing and is super buttery and smooth, so easy to work with.
Crave — A dark black with hints of brown, matte shadow. I love this to line the eye with, as well as to transition to a dramatic look if I am out already.

The price is also something to feel great about, with Urban Decay shadows selling for $22.00 per shadow, Naked Basics gives you six full-size amazing shades for $33.00. Bringing you down from $22.00 a shadow to $5.50!

Based on packaging, pigmentation, colour variety, colour payoff and price — Urban Decay Naked Basics is absolutely a Holy Grail for me!!

Choose-Day Tuesday: Clinique vs. Clean & Clear

Today’s battle is between two brands that come first to mind for people around the world for skin care. Both Clinique and Clean&Clear are highly respected for their face washes, face creams, and treatments — whether it be for oily, dry or sensitive skin, both brands have got you covered!

But which brand has got me covered better for covering — and eliminating — acne? After testing out both Clinique and Clean&Clear acne spot treatments, it’s time to address, assess, and name a champ!

First up is the treatment that conquers and DESTROYS the task at hand. It is….

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
0.5 oz.
After reading many reviews online, this seemed like the overwhemlingly popular solution to my acne spot treatment need. Still, when I went into Sephora I asked the skin specialist as if I had no previous knowledge, and still was immediately directed towards this product. For the majority of my life, I have had no issue with acne other than a blemish once in a blue moon, that always went away within a couple of days. After coming off birth control, I have been receiving some pesky pimples that simply would not go away no matter what I tried, and while I feel $20 for a tiny little bottle is pretty steep, I was desperate.

At first I was worried about the salicylic acid, since I have naturally very dry skin. However, it is just that that causes the blemishes to disappear, as well as prevent new ones from forming. Yes, after continuously putting this on the same areas my skin was drying out, but with plenty of moisturizing it proved to be fine. No irritation otherwise. That is HUGE for me! When you first put on the clear gel, you can feel a burning sensation. This goes away within 5 minutes, and the skin feels tight in that area afterwards.

This product didn’t work as the skin specialist at Sephora promised, the disappearance of my acne within 24 hours, however within a week the pesky pimples were down to nearly nothing, and the smaller pimples gone.

Not as quick as it claims, but does (eventually) get the job done!!

Next up is a product who claims it can make its opponent VANISH into thin air. It is….

Clean&Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
I found $10.99 a pretty steep price for a drugstore product, especially as small as this, but was hoping that was because it worked well. My sister has acne prone skin and has used various other Clean&Clear products over the years, so I figured I would give it a try. Claiming to show visible results within 4 hours for pimple redness, size and swelling, I was pretty excited to put this to the test.

This acne treatment also has salicyclic acid, but thankfully with vigorous moisturizing that was okay. What wasn’t okay was that it did absolutely nothing within 4 hours. No difference at all. Then, it says to apply this 3 times daily…if it was suppose to completely clear within 4 hours, wouldn’t I not have to use it daily, as well as three times within that same day? Hmmm…

What really irks me about this product is directly on the packaging it claims “100% of people showed clearer skin in just one day.” Uhhh excuse me?! How can they get away with claiming this? Because I am a person, and guess what? I did not show clearer skin in just one day. Or two days. Or three…and after a few days more, gave up on this product entirely.

VERDICT: I don’t think it is a surprise who not only won this battle, but beat their competitor by a long shot: I highly, highly recommend Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel. Sure, it is a bit more pricey, but I’d rather a product that truly works than pay $10.99 for something that does absolutely nothing for me.

Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Library Set Review — Post #3

Next up for review from Bite Beauty’s wonderful rose inspired gloss set, are glosses Two, Nine and Eleven. If you’d like to read my thoughts on glosses Four Seven and Ten, it can be found here and One, Six and Twelve here.


Gloss Two

I am kind of surprised on my thoughts on gloss Two, which is described as the rosey pink of the bunch. Usually I am all for the light pink colours, and if this gloss performed better I would have been! It’s funny cause I was obsessed with this gloss when I first got it, and wore it a lot over a pink lipstick I own — the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. You see, the colour is fabulous, however I find it settles into lines a little bit more than the other glosses. I think it did this because it actually is really quite sheer, so where the colour does set in it is much more noticeable. That being said, when worn mixed with another colour, or with lipstick I truly love it, I just see myself veering towards other glosses more for casual days.
(Left side has no flash, right side has flash)

Gloss Nine

Okay so all I can say is wow. These are lipsticks disguised as lipgloss. Seriously. I have never seen so much pigment in a lip gloss in my life….if you apply with a light hand you can make them sheer, but do one or two coats and they are quite opaque. This particular gloss is described as apple red, and it truly reminds me of the apple Snow White eats haha, bright red in its truest form!
(Left has no flash, right side has flash)

Gloss Eleven


This gloss has the same wow factor for me as Nine did, except I am more in love with this colour! Described as a dark red/brown, this gloss gives such a sophisticated look. With just one coat, the pigmentation is incredible. Applies smoothly, and has the benefits of a lipstick, but moisturizes instead of dries out your lips! I’m excited for a night out to wear this baby.
(Left side has no flash, right side has flash)

Bite Beauty’s Deconstructed Rose Library Set Review — Post #2

So for round two of the Deconstructed Rose Library Gloss Set of 12 beautiful shades of a rose I will be reviewing glosses Four, Seven and Ten. You can find my previous review on shades One, Six and Twelve here.

Once again, picking shades in a way that I can be reviewing very different colours per post…since some are extremely close in shade (looking at you Eight, Nine and Ten!)


Gloss Four


I really enjoy gloss four! It is actually one of my favourites of this set, and most used on a regular basis. It is described by Bite Beauty as the “raisin” colour, but I have to say that is not what comes to my mind for this shade, to me it is just my lip colour with a tad darker pigment. Which obviously means, its super flattering for a natural look. It adds enough pigment that you definitely know there is something there, but still natural and sheer enough that it isn’t a standout.

(Left side has no flash, right side has flash)

Gloss Seven


On the opposite, we will now be talking about one of my least used. Seven! It is described as a dusty coral, and when swatched on the hand truly does look like a coral with hints of pink. I was super excited about this being a summer lip colour, but was disappointed as soon as I put it on. On my olive skin, it looks straight up orange. Not just that, but it sticks together in areas on my lips, being super orange in one area, and then completely sheer in another. However due to it’s thickness, if I apply multiple coats I can get a better result, so all is not lost with this gloss.

I’m hoping once I get a dark enough tan maybe my thoughts will change, but as of now the colouring for my skin tone is just not flattering at all.

(left side has no flash, right side has flash)

Gloss Ten


This is the gloss that made me realize that Bite Beauty means business! I seriously cannot get over how amazing the colour payoff is for one stroke across the lip. The below pictures are just one swipe. Ten is so incredibly pigmented, it looks like you are wearing a lipstick with shine! A bright red, this gloss is perfect for a glammed up night. As the others, its a little on the sticky side but has colour that lasts, smells/tastes good, and is amazing quality for a great value!

(Left side has no flash, right side has flash)

Holy Grail Hump Day

Today’s Holy Grail goes to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara!

I feel like this is almost everyone and their grandmother’s favourite mascara, and for good reason. It truly works wonders!!

I personally use this mascara for parties and nights out with friends — it is so intensely black and voluptuous, I feel like I’d look too dolled up for work.

Because that is exactly what I feel it does, it makes me look so glam! With one coat, my lashes are full, defined, and dramatic. I already have lengthy eyelashes so most mascaras just coats, so I am still in shock every time at how much length Better Than Sex gives them, and thickness! I suddenly look like I have a 100 more lashes and double the size — MULTIPLE times I have been asked by friends when did I start wearing fake lashes? Nope, I just started using the best mascara of all time!!

100% recommend Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara!

Choose-Day Tuesday: MAC vs Laura Mercier

Today I will be addressing not one, but two highly respected concealers. The match-up consists of two well-known, high end brands whose concealers are some of their leading selling products!

In the right corner is the competitor who can lighten up the darkest of situations. He goes on thick, has the endurance to last all day long, and will never quit! Ladies and gentleman, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer!!

In the left corner we have the competitor who can make the worst of nightmares DISAPPEAR. She’s light on her feet, you won’t even know she’s there. But don’t be fooled, she gets the job done every, single, time. Today’s competitor, Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage!!
(Can you tell I have fun pretending they are legitimately fighting?)

ADDRESS: Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
$21.00 CDN
9ml/0.30 US fl oz. 

ASSESS: This concealer comes in a large variety of shades, accommodating any skin tone. Known for it’s ability to last, I can put it on in the morning and it is still doing its amazing work late at night. Smelling like paint, you know this stuff is going to go on thick! A little bit goes a long way, and I find it looks more natural to put on a very thin layer, and then go over the area again to really do the trick.

I tend to use this concealer more for covering redness, blemishes and actually doubling it as a highlighter for some areas. While I have used it before for underneath the eyes since it is amazing for not creasing, unfortunately I do still think my dark circles come through. That being said, the other areas I put it on and it lasts. All day. Through thick and thin, this stuff does not budge!! I know when I need something covered, I can trust my pro longwear.

My “ughhh” moment comes with the packaging. As mentioned above, you only need a TINY bit of this stuff for it to work amazingly. The product comes in a glass bottle (don’t like) with a pump (don’t like). It is extremely hard to pump out the true amount of product you need, it delivers SO much. I hate wasting, and you are wasting half of the product that comes out every time you use it!!

If you are able to master the pump, this product will last you a million years and is definitely worth the purchase.

ADDRESS: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 
$38.00 CDN
0.26 US fl oz.

ASSESS: This product comes with both a proper concealer and a highlighter. It only comes in eight different shades, however thankfully SC-2 is perfect for my skin tone. The concealer is orange based, which is perfect for cancelling out the purple/blues. Before this, I had yet to find a concealer that could truly mask my dark circles beneath the eyes, it is a miracle worker! It also does an awesome job covering up any redness. When travelling, this is my go-to since I know it will cover everything I need for every day.

The highlighter is actually pretty drying, I don’t even bother trying with a brush it simply will not work. The only way to get some payoff is to warm it up with your finger first, which is pretty annoying.

However, it is the concealer I am focusing on here, and it the concealer that is absolutely magnificent. It’s thick formula is extremely pigmented and covers up absolutely everything. With drying skin like mine, it is a huge plus when I have no creasing and I can put this on anywhere, for any amount of time and I can trust it will do the job right with no irritation.

VERDICT: This was a tough battle. I just want to start off by saying these are my top 2 concealers, of all time. They both last all day, and truly do an awesome job of concealing! That being said, the winner is…..Laura Mercier. If I am going for a natural day, this could be all that I wear and no one the wiser. If I am going out for the night, I need it to hide all the perfections and give me the confidence I need to feel great! Laura Mercier edged out her competitor with truly covering those dark circles, and being perfect even for us with sensitive skin.