Holy Grail Hump Day

Today marks the beginnings of a new series I will be doing — Holy Grail Hump Day! Every Wednesday I will talk about a product that I absolutely adore and can trust 100% to do it’s job right.

Today’s Holy Grail goes to LUSH’s Celestial Face Moisturizer.
$24.95CA 45g
ASSESS: Celestial is designed for those of us who have sensitive skin — redness, irritation, dryness — with the objective of replacing the issue with soothed, hydrated, soft skin. Ingredients include cocoa butter (to moisturize), vanilla water (to retain moisture), almond milk (to hydrate), and dove orchid (for softness). Use it day or night, a little bit goes a long way.

While their website claims to also give you glowing skin, I do have to disagree. However, that is the only thing I disagree about! All the other things this product sets out to do hits it out of the park for my face. I use this in the morning and night after washing, and immediately feel the difference in what was once dry and on the verge of cracking, to soft and silky.

With all natural ingredients, this smell reminds me of vanilla yogurt. Seriously, it looks and feels like I am putting yogurt on my face….but I love it.

I suffer from both awful eczema and psoriasis on my body, and while it really isn’t on my face my entire body is like a desert. I’ve tried more creams than I can count, both medical and not, and this product blows anything else I have tried away. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin.


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