Choose-Day Tuesday (MAC vs. Lancome)

Today’s review will be a battle between two products that over the past couple of months I have put to the test.

The competitor in the left corner, fights off the good, the bad, the ugly! It’s…

MAC Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil!
150ML/5.0 US FL OZ.
The challenger in the right corner has faced some of the most difficult obstacles, and made them completely disappear! It’s…
Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Makeup Remover!
125ML/4.2 FL OZ.


Let’s begin by saying I love both of these makeup removers, and reach for either one every single day. I highly recommend each of these, though both are expensive they truly do their job. That being said, only one can be the best! We are here to figure that out today.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil
I love that this makeup remover is specifically made for dry skin. It makes me feel better about the purchase, since it is not only removing makeup but leaving my face hydrated as well. While I do not notice that it is actually doing anything to particularly soothe the dryness like it claims, it does not irritate, and I can tell it is not stripping the skin from natural oils which is something sensitive skin like mine needs.

With only one pump needed, this bottle goes a long way. After rubbing it onto the skin, it feels extremely oily. Therefore, you absolutely need to wash it off, which it then becomes a lather, making you feel like you are really cleaning the skin (most definitely still recommend an actual fash wash though!).

I love the packaging, a pump makes this process a lot easier. While I have seen it to say it can actually soothe the skin, and seen reviewers say its gone as far as to help them with acne — that never happened for me. But if you are set out to remove waterproof makeup, heavy foundation, stubborn mascara — this stuff gets it done!!

Lancome Bi-Facil
So this makeup remover claims it is only for eyes, however I can easily use it for my entire face! The packaging isn’t as great, twist off the lid and carefully put some on a cotton pad. Getting this for my mother for her birthday, I was distraught to see she accidentally split a bunch of it. This stuff is not cheap.

And while this makeup remover on it’s own is a smidge pricier than the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, Lancome is known for having amazing gift with purchase or value packs available, and the three times I have picked up this baby, it was either a free gift (full size!!) or in a combo pack. I have never actually paid the full price for it.

If you can manage to not be clumsy like my dear mom, you only need a very tiny bit of this stuff, I’m talking a few droplets, to wipe off your ENTIRE face. It becomes a lifesaver when I can dip a q-tip in there and be able to fix a mistake around the eyes with just a light dab.

While it has no extra features like its challenger, this stuff removes absolutely everything with so little.

The MAC Cleanse Off Oil shot some great punches with the fact that it turns into a lather and helps with dryness, that it really gets makeup off and has a pump for easier dispensing, but its oiliness and price set it back a bit. There is absolutely no way to use less than a full pump of product, making it impossible to use it to fix minor mistakes. Even if it did, I would not use it for such a situation since it is SO oily, I’d have to wash it off right after putting it on my face.

I love Lancome’s product deals, I think it’s safe to say I never have to purchase this product at full price. One bottle has lasted me forever, and I use this stuff on the most stubborn of makeups!

While I highly recommend both removers, Lancome Bi-Facil is the best between the two!


6 thoughts on “Choose-Day Tuesday (MAC vs. Lancome)

  1. I love the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, I have dry skin and it doesn’t have any adverse effects when I use it. I haven’t tried the Lancome one as yet though, so thanks for a review. I’ve heard good things about Clinique Take The Day Off as well.

    • Thanks! And I completely agree, the fact that your face isn’t irritated or dry feeling after the Cleanse Off Oil is a huge plus in itself. Problems of dry skin life! haha

      Ooh yes I’ve heard good things about Clinque Take the Day Off too but never tried, I actually have never used that brand before ever and have been thinking for a while I should try it!

      • Me too! I’ve never really tried anything from Clinique because to be honest they just didn’t really appeal to me. Also they don’t have foundation/concealer that matches me perfectly. I do want to try some of their skincare products though. Such as the Moisture Surge and the toner etc

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