Miffed Monday!

…okay I tried to come up with a clever title, not really working though eh?

Oh well. Today is a review that truly did leave me miffed! And the culprit is none other than Lancome’s Creme Radiance Cream-to-Foam Cleanser! I received this as a gift with purchase (sidenote: Lancome has the BEST gift with purchases I have ever seen for makeup!) as a 2oz tube. I was pretty excited since I at the time was incredibly happy with all the previous makeup products I had from the brand.

ADDRESS: Lancome Creme Radiance Cream-to-Foam Cleanser
$35.00 for 4.2 oz.
ASSESS: Made for normal/combination skin, I was delighted at my luck! Since in the middle of the summer–which is when this was–is the only time my dry skin is gone and when I am prone to more blemishes, and would consider myself a combo skin type.

However, my excitement quickly went away. Immediately my eyebrows raised at the very fragranced smell of the cream, it honestly feels like you are putting perfume on your face. Which may be the cause behind breaking me out right away, as well as make my dryness come back to life. I did try to use it a couple of times to give it a real chance, but it actually gave me a slight burning sensation on my cheeks after a few uses, so within a week I knew I had to stop.

I think the label should say for oily skin only, because I think it does have potential to do well…it is just so very drying. So for someone who has any sensitivity at all, it just isn’t going to work.


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