CheeCha Puffs: A not-so guilty pleasure!

Life is a constant debate between wanting to be skinny vs. eating everything delicious in sight.

I LOVE food, and particularly enjoy sitting back, watching a movie and snacking away. This mindless eating is known to be one of the worst things you can do, since you are distracted and not really paying attention to how much you are consuming.

So I was so happy when my mom told me about this snack that Weight Watchers has highly recommended….

ADDRESS: CheeCha Puffs!

ADDRESS: Cheecha Puffs are a healthy alternative to chips because they are air-popped. Inspired by a Mexican treat called cheecharone, the snack is potatoe made into a pellet popped in a hot air popcorn maker. With various flavours, the puffs have the crunch of  a chip without the calories.

Hearing “healthy alternative” to me usually means “not as tasty.” But that honestly isn’t the case here. These puffs are just as flavourful and crunchy as a chip, yet 2 cups are only 90 calories!

Lets put that into perspective…
This picture is showing the equivalent of these snack sizes at 100 calories each. In the middle, is CheeCha Puffs at 90 calories.

There are even gluten-free options now!

My favourite flavours are Triple Cheese, a less intense Cheeto flavour, and Sweet Cinnamon, which tastes identical to Cripsy Crunch cereal.



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