No Thanks to Arbonne Bronzer

I was starting to feel a little silly that as a blog about true, unbiased reviews, I have so far said the exact same thing about every product so far, that I loved them. I am glad to finally say I am now writing about something I feel quite the opposite of love for.

I think Arbonne as a whole is a complete and total scam, suckering in these consultants to spend hundreds of dollars themselves on products in promise of soon making them rich by how easy it will be to sell the overpriced line to others. Priding themselves in being “pure, safe and beneficial” and using natural ingredients in their products, sales tactics often include pointing fingers at other big cosmetics companies and the harmful things they put into their products.

Yet, for some strange reason Arbonne still refuses to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a commitment to manufacture personal care products free of known and suspected toxic chemicals. Hmmm.

That being said, I didn’t always feel this way about the company, and embarrassingly have to admit, I too, fell for the scheme and dove right into divulging in a variety of their makeup and skincare products.  Some of there products ARE decent. Overpriced? Yes, but decent.

ADDRESS: Arbonne Bronzer
$40.00 9.3g

ASSESS: This bronzer is absolutely not one of them. A friend of mine was a consultant, and after trying some of her other products from the line, I stupidly decided without even testing it I’d order a bronzer since I was in need at the time.  (**Please note this was before my obsession with makeup & skincare, I would NEVER do this now)

Since Arbonne consultants only make money through a sale, often they will say anything to get you to that purchase. Rest assured that this bronzer fit to almost any skin type, mine fitting perfectly into that mix, I was persuaded and forked out the $40.

You see, Arbonne has a grand total of one colour option for bronzer. One. In pictures it looked like what I had wanted, but even in the summer months it proved much too dark for my medium-olive skin. Not just dark, but more orange than I would have liked, leaving my skin looking unnatural. It feels more like a loose powder than regular bronzers, and with strong pigmentation, a little goes a long way. So much so I found it a challenge to put it on without looking harsh (this once again can be attributed to how off the colour looked).

While there are some upsides, such as the shimmer in it is just enough to provide a subtle glow, and the fact its vegan friendly and made with vitamins A, C and E, I absolutely cannot get over how off the colour looks on my skin at such a steep price. And the fact that I can get a variety of high-end brands for LESS money in the perfect colour for my skin tone, I would never ever consider purchasing this again.

I suppose if you had the right skin colour to complement the bronzer it MIGHT work out well, but with only one colour to choose from, I feel like the the majority of us should look elsewhere.


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