Welcome to my blog/First product put to the test!

Welcome to Address & Assess!

A blog dedicated to all that is up for trial — products, movies, food, etc. — the tangible things in life that we call into question before purchase. You see, as someone on a tight budget but who has unfortunately loose wallet (oops), I truly believe if I can justify the purchase with concrete evidence of positive reviewals and a guarantee to succeed, it’s worth it.  Aaaand since I do A LOT of both the purchasing and reviewal research, why not pass on my oh so wise insight to others?

The first product in line for questioning:

LUSH’s Hand & Body Lotion: Dream Cream
$26.95 240g

LUSH is known for conjuring up organic and freshly made cosmetic products in which are vegan friendly and thought to be healthier for the skin based on its policy for using only natural components. Their strong belief in animal rights and product freshness means each creation is made with natural ingredients — fruits, vegetables, essential oils, herbal infusions — which are fully disclosed on all of their packaging.

While I do feel more often than not that LUSH, while smelling amazing and having a great mandate, is nothing more than an okay product with a not so okay price point, there are some exceptions. Dream Cream is one of those exceptions.

LUSH knows it, their employees it, and thank God I finally know it. Dream Cream is the cream of the crop — literally. With ingredients including the likes of oat milk, cocoa, tea tree leaf oil, chamomile, olive oil, and lavender, this cream combines all the well known dry skin super heroes into one soothing skin conditioner.

Having eczema for years, I have gone through product after product, both prescribed and drugstore to no avail. My skin would crack and bleed all winter long no matter what I tried, until I found this. It is a tried and true Holy Grail product for my entire body, with people actually now complimenting how SMOOTH my skin is even in the dead of winter. Like I said, it’s a super hero.

To me, the cream simply smells like….a natural cream. Great description, right? It isn’t strong, I suppose you can smell the lavender and tea tree, but not significantly. If you are looking for a fragranced body lotion look the other way, because this is not it. Make no mistakes, this cream is designed to cure dry skin, and it achieves it’s goal, and that goal only. However, based on reading others reviews I have seen people say they “LOOOVE the smell” so maybe I am cra-zay.

Another thing that some may dislike, but I personally don’t have a problem with, is that I do find it takes a few minutes for the skin to fully absorb the cream. I often put the cream on directly after a shower, as well as right before bed, therefore I’ve never had issue with that.

A solution to both wanting a fragrance to the cream, as well as the absorbtion could be purchasing one of the LUSH dusting powders — I am personally obsessed with the smell of Silkly Underwear, ughhh it smells like candy and I want to eat it half the time. Let’s just ignore that it has underwear in the title and I said I want to eat it, shall we?


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